Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Absolute Power in Dark Ascension

Dark Ascension

For the person on the path of dark ascension, there is no difference between their experience and their being, and it is believed that limitation and rejection of any part of ones being, even the darkest impulses, is what slows or even stops the individual from ultimate ascension. So one setting upon the path of dark ascension embraces every process in the world.

But what is this “ultimate ascension” thing? Sort of a nirvana like concept, transcendence of the limited self either through natural fruition of the spiritual self or through exertion of self will over the extended self. The latter being what could be called the “dark path.”

They feed on power I bet, and on control. It could be asked, why would one seek absolute power, since it leads to absolute corruption? The answer for one on the dark path is that it takes absolute power to relinquish absolute power, so they embark upon a path that has many names across many cultures: karma yoga, progress of science, ultimate command of artistic media…

Vulcans. Yes, even absolute logic.

The reason they seek this sort of power, is that for everything over which they can establish control, that is one more side of themselves they have mastered. One must master violence in this model, and mastery doesn’t mean losing oneself to violence. That is instead being mastered.

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Do their imaginations help them find these various “sides” of themselves? Ah, indeed, imagination helps, but they implement it practically also. Without practical application, the liberation they seek is thought impossible.

Is the mastery the experience? Well, in order to achieve mastery on the dark path, there is first the experience, yes. This doesn’t necessarily mean being the perpetrator. But having had the experience, it is insufficient to leave well enough alone as they say. The seekers personal influence must be exerted. Their mark left on that event or process. A sort of grand self-projection.

Sort of testing your limits? You have to really experience it and own it for the challenge of giving it up to mean anything? Indeed.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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