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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Analysis of Tension: Panic Attacks in Relaxation


Who would like to discuss their tension? You each can, just please go one at a time.

I get anxiety that builds up into bad panic attacks. Sometimes it’s just too hard to relax all the time. Go on. What else do you experience?

In between, it’s being on edge all the time. Like everything’s going out of control is the feeling. This is why it keeps happening.

And it’s building right now, so you’ll have to excuse my briefness on that. It is likely linked to a deeply rooted set of memories. Your tensions are memories, all of them. Whether intense or more subtle, they are even potentially scars, and scars are not flexible. But for every tension (especially chronic tensions), there are memories. Go on?

Hm? You want a memory? If you wish to. I can even tell you what physical tension it causes.

Mom had a bad neurologist and Dad had a stroke. We had to move three times due to no money. Neck and head tension, eyes over focus, might be developing vision problems. Any of this on? Correct! Neck, head, and light sensitivity. Care to share another?

Well… When I was young, I was always used by friends. Ok. Shoulder and lower back tension, probably trip at odd times, and find your breathing shallow so you get winded easily. Sometimes you scare me when you do that. Well, it’s not my intension to scare. The body and mind are just a world to me. I know the geography pretty well. I can even describe how your body is trying to stop your negative thinking, if you want me to. Go on.

Ok. Well, likely have high carb cravings to the point of getting almost nauseous on sweets, and listen to soothing music, but really loud, so someone else wouldn’t find it relaxing. Dreams are likely full of emotionally hurtful images and recollections.

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My music isn’t in the vicinity of soothing to other people. It’s soothing to me though. I barely have dreams. You favour “screaming” in your music? Opera like vocals with Rock infused with classical. Ah, ok. You have taken an unusual twist, but I can go on more clearly now.

For my friend, what doctors tell him about his mind doesn’t make any sense to him, because he really doesn’t focus on his own mind very much. But he’s possessed of a remarkable empathy for others, and his tension attacks whenever someone he cares about seems to be suffering. The degree of suffering doesn’t matter much. His subconscious mind is urging him to hugging and protective behaviour regarding others, but he’s very defensive toward those as people try to behave that way with him. So it is a vicious cycle. Wants to hug people, but doesn’t want to be hugged back. So likely manifests in almost violent body language, making people perceive him as threatening when he’s not, and thus starting the whole cycle again.

Is this correct? It’s true.

Your energy is freeable, unlockable, your body is trying to make you do that. It wants you to relax, but you can’t have relaxation and your comfort zone at the same time. You can’t have relaxation and defensiveness.

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Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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