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Isn’t astrology just the mathematical progression of the universe in its many forms? The insights gained can help us empower our own actions and avoid unnecessary episodes of resistance. They can help us move with the Tao of the universe itself, like a mantra, and even science says there are no closed systems. Astrology is just ancient insights into that simple truth.

The sign everyone knows is there sun sign. For example a Virgo: You tend to be very logical, purpose focused and pragmatic, and you don’t like wordy crap not because you aren’t bright but because you believe in action more than words. You likely are very sensitive but others tend not to notice. You withdraw as a defensive strategy. You either are artistic or have a developed appreciation for it, though likely haven’t over thought it. It just comes naturally. You don’t like it when people don’t seem to be acting naturally. Virgos tend to be worldly

A Virgo with a huge Libra ascendant? Hmm, then in that case you stay out of groups normally and likely have an overarching view of what you have learned in life. You alternate between expression and withdrawal from the world. Highly social and anti-social, and probably have a sense that there is something profoundly wrong in the world in general. You likely understood the first Matrix movie easily.

Libra influence tends to put you in camps though you defy it, so you likely find yourself taking sides and embarrassed about it. You take your own side and everyone assumes you agree with them. The gas tank is half full/half empty, and you see neither as having a clue. You are what you need to be when you need to be it.

Air influences are like that. My sun sign is cancer, but the cancer influence behaves more like an ascendant for me. My ascendant is Aquarius and moon sign is Sagittarius. If the sun sign is in a weak position in your chart it may not be as relevant and your moon sign may have more weight. My claiming domain does serve a purpose. My more dominant moon sign does modify cancers stagnation. Over all, if I came up with an elemental symbol for myself it would be swamp fire.

A moon sign of Gemini for example, in 7th house conjunct Saturn? Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde. Very passionate. Very aware of his inner world, dark and light and not in love with one view. Not really judging. You adapt to the circumstances and see nothing wrong with handling things in a special case sense. Very expressive of feeling and likely empathy blunt. Probably chronically accused of being touchy feely and confuses people because he can forgive so quickly. Moves on easily. He is not actually of two minds though people think he is.  His inner adversary agrees with him on people he likes and loves. Invasively empathic.

We grow confused, we don’t grow up. The idea of growing up is basically a lie. Grow bitter. Plenty do that. Growing up is merely conforming, yet some can’t.

I go with the Egyptian questions. Have you found joy in life? Have you given joy to anyone else?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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