I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

Atavistic Ritual in Atavism


Atavistic ritual all relies on triggering the mirroring nervous system in one way or another, through ceremonial dance, meditation, even costume. The purpose being to create a link with and even a sort of identification with another species. This is the oldest form of ritual on the entire planet.

Is the virtual world of Second Life a form of this atavism? It can be, and many people in Second Life do favour their anthropomorphic avatars. Furries and mermaids, for example.

It has been established by science that the brain cannot tell the difference between real experience and vividly imagined experience, and ritual serves primarily the purpose of fully engrossing us in the content of our imagination and intention. I offer that perhaps the ritual activates part of our brain that at least partially reactivates the supposedly more primitive parts of our genetic makeup. Not just cognition, but body consciousness as well, somatic awareness.

Would chakras be body consciousness? Yes. They would.

Now life isn’t composed of genuinely separate strands of evolution. We all draw from the same pool of physical and thus metaphysical potential. But in the modern attitude of species supremacy, we blind ourselves not only to big parts of our own psychology, but to whole domains of experience entirely, like the birds geophysical sense, or the dolphins advanced understanding of sound. Human beings do have a small portion of their brain that is capable of translating echoes into spacial pictures, much like dolphins or bats perhaps.

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How does one get in touch with these senses? The methods are really pretty broad. Often simple contact can awaken these senses at least partially. This is why the tradition of keeping a familiar got started. Without any additional effort, our affinity for our companion awakens us more to their world and state of being.

Is it possible through meditation to get in touch with the feelings of animals? It is indeed.

Is that what orbs are? Orbs are a related phenomenon, but more elemental in origin than animals. Parapsychology often involves discussion of weird photographic images. Apparent lights where none should have been. Sort of like terrestrial UFOs.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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