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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Attention To Pattern in Regret


I feel forced to resort to metaphor now. Ever notice a tree as it grows can break even something much “tougher” than it?

If close to a foundation it can damage it, so yes. And if not break it then grow around it, thus still negating the negativity of its presence? Humans are more quickly growing/evolving than trees and this is universal.

How would you folks say I communicate in text?

  • Fine.
  • Well enough.
  • Very well.
  • Certainly well enough for most.
  • You make the effort to ensure your meaning has been received clearly.

According to medicine I should be virtually illiterate. I have suffered brain damage to what they call the “encoding” center of my brain. I shouldn’t be able to link abstract symbols to language well at all, but I am not a machine. I am in no way a fixed entity and my desire was to read. So I learned to read and write well enough despite “mechanics“. Anyone here a fixed object?

No, however the programming can sometimes seem very hard coded. It is just attention patterns. The brain is very efficient. This is why the mechanism of forgetting exists at all, and recent research has shown that the idea that neurons don’t heal was false, but what they don’t do is assume the old pattern. But what does this mean? To regret, you must attend to a memory you label a regret, yes? What would happen if none of your capacity for attention was given to this regret?

It would have no power. Yes. The event would have a presence, because all sensory stimuli have presence. This is how the brain works naturally and is the healthy state, but it goes further. If you don’t lock the memory into a regret pattern, the encoded stimuli/memories get caught up in another amazing process of the brain. Anyone know what that process is?

The brain is very, very efficient, and although a single neuron may have been responsible for encoding your internal stress reaction to a “bad” experience, the same neuron is not locked into a regret pattern and will use the same stimuli for response patterns also. If there is clarity of mind, then the response pattern will be well informed and action will be very constructive. I think they call this “learning”, but it’s all founded not on your thinking, which is of its nature arbitrary, but instead on your quality of attention.

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This thing called thinking has also struck me as a really confusing and shallow process. Being “autistic” it was a challenge to acquire, but I did because due to human insistence it had survival value if just to preserve my sanity. But the mind is capable of very much more than the “stupid pet tricks” we are taught to make it do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive
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