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Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Bah Humbug! in Giving


Bah humbug! Bah humbug is a popular idea these days. The word humbug was a slang term meaning nonsense. We declare everything these days nonsense. It’s a very popular attitude, no?

There are so many people who speak untruths. What of your personal life and attitude do you know for certain is an absolute fact? Do you know for a fact that your own beliefs and attitudes are anything other than fiction? Something you make up in your head? Does anyone you were with ever remember things exactly as you did?

Things can be tested. I often do experiments. Experimentation is a wonderful practice. It gives more experience to allow even more creativity, but it doesn’t have to be concrete. It doesn’t have to be fact. No one actually has to be correct. We have all survived a very long time despite not being correct. Humanities history is a comedy of errors, mistaken notions.

Because we live in communities. If we lived alone, it would be a very short life. Indeed, because of community, the ability to commune, to share and agree. But do we agree with ourselves? How much of your own thoughts and feelings do you dismiss as humbug?

Thought is not truth. Thought is not truth, and the idea of something being not truth is also a thought.

I can’t find the self. When I look there is nothing there. I can find my self. I’m very proud of my ability to find my self. I find my self in you. I find my self in the situations I get into, the conversations I have, those moments I share with anyone else, even those moments that I really share with myself.

There is no self to find. There is no one self, because we have all selves.

Find the one who is pained, who is joy, who is angry, who is happy. When you look inwardly it is not there. But these conditions persist. When it’s not your pain then there is still pain. This might lead one to give fully, because you have nothing to lose. But yes, when you don’t see your own feelings and needs as humbug, when you really just relax and embrace the experience of being alive and being who you are and where you are, if that were allowed…

And whatever you are too. Exactly. That includes being this or that. Yes. If that were allowed, how would you view the world then?

A place to play. And play according to the games that speak to you.

As a generous place. Always fair and worthy. There might not even have to be thoughts of always or never. Maybe we don’t need those rules.

I’d see it as creation knowing itself through creation, just as it is. Can that start without our first giving ourselves the gift I spoke of?

So what if your dreams are pretend? They are not humbug. So what if your feelings will pass? All feelings pass and this moment is still not humbug. You have to pretend before you will allow. We are always a bit defensive about the new and untried. So if we allow the dream to at first be a fantasy, we find it easier to keep with it, to give it our attention and company.

I’d say humbug to the way my tummy reacts to anxiety. Actually, I suggest you not say that to your tummy. Welcome the anxiety. Welcome its falsehood. Give place for everything to be.

Your tummy is a person too. Yes, even scientifically it is the first brain anything ever had.

But it keeps me awake at night. I just want it to be quiet. Your brain and your tummy need to kiss under the mistletoe, and I’m not just being silly. Contact brings peace, sharing brings balance.

But yes, there is no getting, only giving, no trying, only doing. Receiving is just giving space and time to experience.

Thank you friends for giving this time and your words and participation to me. In sharing what I do, I see more in it myself. I am grateful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Namaste.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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