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When a condition is at the stage of thought, you can change your mind. When it’s become a feeling, it impresses the environment, and when it’s become an action, you are then stuck with the consequences.

Cancer is in the Details in Morality


Anyone familiar with Australian aboriginal dream time? This is the seat of the concept of primal morality. They believe that the stories they relate about the creation of the world happened in the past, which is happening right now, but we can’t see the past with our current awareness, not our normal state of mind. They have many figures in their legends, and these figures have parallels in every native culture across the planet.

In the dream time, the primal struggles merge with the apex of biological evolution on our planet. So the most primal beings, those we might at first blush consider the most savage, also have the utmost depth and range and power of intelligence. Coyote really is a super genius in the dream time.

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These beings, being both ancient and potential beings at the same time, continue to influence the flow of life energy on the planet today. Emphasis on influence, there is no actual control.

It feels like they are all aspects of the mind of Gaia. In a sense, we are all figments of the world’s imagination.

Shall we look at behavior? These root beings live in the ultimate potential of our world, and they do their best to foster order so that their own world or dimension of being can remain whole and healthy also. But they can’t interact with particulars. The details we perceive in our version of the world don’t really exist to them. The cancer is in the details. Human detail oriented “technology” crafted with a disregard for the order has led to our current state, and that is what it is, a cancer. Cancerous tumors are still alive, and they are still made up of the tissue that many consider “you.” That is why it’s so dangerous.

Now notice animal behavior? They dream with the great creator beings. Would you say animals are very detail oriented?

Our cat is when looking at water bubbles? He is just enjoying the elemental order. Animals perceive elemental life easily. They feel the life of the earth beneath their feet, the breath of the earth under their wings. They have no idea that flesh is any more special than earth or water. Do animals have anything like the human flesh fetish? Humans have ideas like, my body must be buried intact when I die, and one must not utilize the bodies of the dead.

Elephants go to the elephant grave yard. They do go to their graveyards, and they handle the bones.

Lions sometimes mourn the death of a cub by eating it. Partially, like a ritual, not for food. Again, handling or using the body, carrying and sensing the information in it, much like the ritual cannibalism practised in some ancient human tribes.

The earth uses the rest when it decays and becomes food for other things. Yes. This is why graveyards are sacred ground, not because of loss, but because of continuity. Perhaps primal morality is most clearly illustrated in those regions we consider wastelands. When you subject life to the most extreme conditions you see the elements of behaviour most clearly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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