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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Changeling And Guardian in Changelings


Back to changelings… Another way of knowing a changeling is that they aren’t effected by energies in the same way. Laughter might physically hurt them. Churches or a large building that has cleared a lot of land may nauseate them. One possible example, I hate most adult laughter. It hurts like being splashed with really cold water, but I love the laughter of very young children.

What about your own laugh? My own laughter is infrequent, and either happens in a positive way when I am in synch with a loved one, or happens in my normal way which is only when I am angry. Sort of like hyena laughter, I guess. It has to be aided.

My own nature makes me like to other people. The best way I can describe it is joining them in their shadow. While I am there, I can share their way. Like seeing their life from the other side. It is easier for me to see people that way. I am very sensitive to light when I am trying to stay focused on “normal” reality, but when I let my attention slip “down the middle” for lack of a better term, I am not disturbed by my senses. But when I do that then I don’t recognize things people expect me to see. I miss details they think are important.

Side note. I have noticed a type of person, otherwise normal, who seems to have an affinity for changelings and are generally protective of them. You can call them guardians, maybe. I had some. Still have one. It is a new trend, though not entirely. Let’s hope it grows.

Reminds me of when you see super heroes and they have a little sidekick with them. It’s more like a duo. The guardian serves as an equal and vital mediator, but is empowered by deeper insight than they otherwise would have had.

I’ve started to watch old cartoons again and I was reminded of He-Man and Orco. Orco is small, but he is not helpless. True. Orco has a lot of power. He just struggles with self doubt. He isn’t in his own world. He-man would be the guardian. Orco would be the changeling.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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