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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Defined by Relationship in Identity


What matters? How do we know what matters?

That there is something instead of nothing?

We guess? We feel?


What makes us feel healthy.

Even nothing matters.

What do we do when we know what matters?


Try to get it.

We take care of it. We make sure human gets enough sleep, food, etc.

We make an effort to keep what matters going.

Feel loved and be loved and love others.

Relate to what we value?

Those two questions, do they leave anything out when it comes to our being? Our awareness? If you were to list things you identify as mattering, as being meaningful, would it be the same as everyone else?

Surely not altogether, but the basics, probably some.

No, probably not. How do we learn or come to understand what matters to us?

Often when we lose it unfortunately.

In relational context, what matters is defined by relationship. Can something that entirely lacks context, relatedness / relevance, matter?

No, I’ve noticed that if I don’t know the context I don’t know why it matters.

But it still matters.

Who are you? And how do you know? What happens if we see everything as being equally significant?

Who I am is defined by what matters to me? Who you are related to. Can you exist without being related to someone or something? How do we know that what we are talking about is a person versus a thing?

So yes, why am I a person and a chair is a thing?

You can talk to us. And walk, and sleep, and eat, and poop.

Because we have been taught that distinction?

Communication. Communion.

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We are living, breathing.

Is yogurt a person? It does metabolize and excrete, reproduce even.

I think it is alive.

Objects do not.

The individual bacteria are.

It’s living but not a person.

So we define persons not entirely by context, but by an ability to behave or act inside that range of relationships, or is there some other way? They have found that bacteria can self reference. Chemically, they can communicate with each other and other species of bacteria, and coordinate their actions as well.

They have individual identity? We can’t yet using science establish that they have individual identity. They do have self preservation behaviours.

But can they save me money on my car insurance by switching to Gecko? Actually, it can be argued they can. The mood you are in that might make you consider switching car insurance can be induced by bacteria. It can also be induced by fungi.

Probably affect your mood more than other humans. Possibly.

A good case of stomach flu is pretty influential.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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