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What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

Does Dignity Enrich? in Dignity


If you are not clear on what it feels like for you personally to love something, could you know if you were loved? If you never felt the overwhelming urge to clutch that teddy bear or blanket as a child, could you tell that someone loved you? You shine a light into the world. We are taught not to nurture this light but limit it.

It seems infancy can be a guide. The natural “at home” feeling before being taught about approval systems. Can we see ourselves holding the infant? Can we see ourselves in our own infancy? Excellent model. Yes, that is a good reference for getting in touch with this feeling. Is this feeling dignified?

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If non-judgemental is dignified, then maybe yes? Ah, perhaps natural acceptance? Being non-judgemental is an aspect of real dignity.

People consider “baby talk” people do to babies and puppies to be very undignified. Does the baby care that it’s acting like a baby?

Infants are great because they don’t judge us. Yes. The infant just wants that hug, no complications. Wants to be held, no thoughts of shame or fear of being seen as weak. They want to see you smile, not to validate themselves, but because on a very primal level that is the evidence of genuine deep contact. When someone looks at you and smiles from the heart, they simply want to be with you. Can you say you know who you want to be with?

I was at a sing along last night. It was so astounding, the feel in the room, people looking in each other’s eyes and singing, smiling from the heart. It always amazes me. It is deep contact. That must have been wonderful, but would it have been publicly acceptable? Would an outsider have understood?

We each of us have a sense of self, and I don’t mean a sense of image or dignity. We have a sense of wholeness and personal integrity. Does dignity as we are taught it enrich this?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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