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When your imagination and your thought are in conflict, your imagination will inevitably win.

Doubt is Ego in Doubt


Ego has everything to do with doubt. The world doesn’t truly give you bad choices.  It gives you choices, and whether they are good or bad depends on your view. Where you are at. Doubt and ego are identical. Ego is an idea of self, inherently limiting, and doubt is the process of finding those limitations.

Example:  Are you a woman or man? It is literally fact, but are you in your head a woman or man? Why is that? What is it to be a woman or man? Is it what you feel? Is that idea of being a woman or man in your head the same as what you feel? The idea of ‘me’ is not ego. You very naturally have a sense of I or me, but the ideas you tack onto it, especially without reflection, are ego. Even concern for your name can be ego. I bear a name, but the name isn’t “mine”. I would not lose myself by adopting another name. People can become very engrossed in roles even if they have toxic elements. Rather than owning them, they are owned by them.

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People do jobs they hate for their entire lives. Ultimately there wasn’t any point to it either I’m sure. They could perhaps take a different job, and though maybe not earn as much, they would likely have gotten by anyway. Sometimes the “unwise” decision is actually the wiser one, unless circumstances truly keep them locked into that. But looking at life in general they were likely not truly restricted. Doing what we love to do is really the only quality of life to be had. Finding purpose.  As much as we hate it, we do have to let go to find it. Without ego there can be happiness, because Travis has complications, me is just me.

Is life best lived in avoidance? Is the undoubting one unwise? Any choice in it at all? Confidence of ignorance, and stagnation by education, are both faces of doubt aren’t they? I would offer there are other views that better serve then doubt as we know it. Though we label things doubt sort of broadly, we don’t really explore it very much, and just busily do it.

Does fear=doubt? There are two natural fears, falling and loud noises, and everything else is learned.  Are the reactions to falling and loud noises any form of doubt?

In our confidence, we doubt our ability to leap? No, in our confidence we know the leap will injure. Knowing isn’t doubt. See a difference?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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