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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Dragon Power in Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore

Ultimately, in both schools of thought (and I find this very strange) whether monstrous or angelic, the dragon was said to have remarkable powers of healing and to grant wisdom.

Autism, whether it’s attributed to environmental or medical abuses or just a genetic abnormality, has been found to be linked to an over rapid development of the “brains”, of which there are three in the human cranium. Now normally they developed one at a time and in developmental stages so they sort of operate separately. In autistics they don’t, and autistics are known for having a tendency to allergies. This is linked to the gland in the brain, the pituitary that is only directly linked to the “reptile brain”, and is shown to be photo sensitive functioning like an eye.

Ah yes, and the pineal gland being the third eye even has a left over lens. Yes, and having a tendency to develop calcium deposits in some people. Perhaps matching the stories of a gem or pearl found in the head of the Naga or dragon?

It secretes dimethyltryptamine which facilitates the brain going into REM sleep, to dream. The most potent hallucinogen known to man produced by your own brain. Also, it can become destabilized and lessen the separation between REM and waking consciousness characterizing the autistic as “self absorbed.” Perhaps why some people “see demons” most often characterized as reptilian, and actually having behaviour more akin to a mentor and guardian than a corrupting influence. The most common “evil” influence in schizophrenics is usually characterized as an angel, not as a “man dragon.” Thoughts as to why this is?

Well, the story of Lucifer is that he’s an angel cast out of heaven for disobeying the Lord. He’s still an angel even though he resides in the underworld. And the keeper of Loki. The deceiver in Norse myth is actually a serpent or “worm”, a.k.a. dragon. So it seems some struggle there in human consciousness. Loki was said to be held underground also.

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Jormungand the world serpent. Yes. In Jewish lore, the keepers of the abyss were the cherubim, earth angels, that in no way resembled humans. They were said to be “fire breathing” monsters having leonine features as dragons are often thought to have also.

Were they children of Leviathan? All evidence points to yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. claude

    Hi, i want to know and pratice the mystery and power of dragon.
    could you please inform me about that.


    • Travis

      Investigate Shintoism and Druidism. These are the eastern/western schools most often associated with dragon lore. Meditate upon dragon imagery and near locations where dragons were said to frequent like caves or rivers. Spend time contemplating their living symbols, reptiles. These activities will attune you to the current of energy that constitutes the dragon spirit in our world.

  2. Andre

    thinking on these things that you write about, the scientific evidence you present does seem to present a possible presence of a portal of humankind I need to re examine. Thank you for sharing.

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