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Meditation can be an invaluable guide in seeing and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation.

First Beings in Inheritance


If you would, imagine a being that exists in a state of pure potential energy, non-local, not collapsed and mostly non-dissonant.

Like a star? Yes. That would fit. What would we call this being?

  • Ra.
  • God.
  • Omni present.

Yes, among other things. Now, I say mostly non-dissonant. That is an important point. Mostly in agreement with each other. These early beings at first occupied all space, and they occupied it equally.

More then one? Yes. If they occupied all space and there was more than one, then did they exist within each other as well? Indeed, they did. Exactly.

The first two are the “God” and the Other. Where they did not totally agree, you had the first wave collapse. This was the reason for all creation. Reconciliation of paradox which is also called love. The new being had a more localized state, but still very widespread. The first beings were “stars”, but stars before they took material form, before they had “bodies”.

Were they pre stars? Yes. Proto-potentials in the fabric of space itself. These first beings each took a slightly variable tone from the God and the Other. As these heavenly beings interacted (or if you prefer sang with each other), they had even further points of discord. Places where the energy had to focus.

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The Other is the reason for the “death” that leads to matter. Otherwise, everything would have stayed at the absolute resonance. Naught that was made could have been made save for the word over the waters. The intentional wave over the abyss of the absolute state.

The stars give us the light and the light gives us the love? The light gives us the vision, and love is in the eye of the beholder.

They have many eyes, Beholders. The bodies birthed of the stars have many eyes. These eyes were the first crystals, and perhaps the eldest ancestors we can experience in our terrestrial life. These crystals knew a wide degree of variation, more than the star song, and some would come to give form to the matter we call DNA. They give their energy to matter found in the waters, and this matter seeks another of its like and shares of its being. These crystals were born in the heat of the first fire, and that warmth would continue to nurture the waters.

We inherited DNA from the crystals? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Isis

    Something to think about – didn’t Isis supercede RA for RA was an evil God (like most perceive God). Isis became the compassionate mother/ruler of the throne. (I AM Isis – my time is NOW)The return of the divine feminin.

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