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Food Happiness in Happiness


Happiness isn’t uniform, nor is it supposed to be. I give my son spaghetti, and in the moment of eating it he will be quite happy. Give me spaghetti, and I likely will be unmoved though eating it. Give me good conversation over dinner though, and I am happy then. I’m largely unmoved by food, the exception being if it’s offered as an act of love, friendship, or support. I neither enjoy cooking or eating, but if asked I will give food and will do my best to make sure the food is as good as I can make it.

I have been in the home of a neurotic cook. They cooked to feed people to compensate for an issue of self worth, and I never remained very long.  I have been in the home of people who take a simple joy in cooking, and for those people I will eat. For me the food can be bland but wholesome, and maybe even only a simple thing and not even balanced. If the person who offers it does so in the right spirit, I will accept or explain that I’m not hungry. Someone prefers very mild juices and I prefer strong flavours, when she offered me something to drink I accepted and could enjoy it because I was tasting something about her.  It can be said I have a taste for karma. For me, for anything to really register, it has to have strong qualities; taste, or smell, or visual texture.

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Happiness and food have a tight link; warmth, comfort, security, adventure, all around food. Happiness affects diet, because happiness = health. Happy people have a strong but not excessive appetite, and generally have equal appetites for other things like exercise or new experiences. Children if permitted want a bit of everything. Even baths unless the parent teaches them that they get baths because it means they shouldn’t go outside and get dirty.

I think kids can crave candy just because of the ‘you can’t’ that they hear? My son surprises people, because he is offered candy and often gives a brief glance and ignores it, then asks for chicken. He doesn’t want m&ms, he wants a turkey sandwich, but I never withheld candy nor did I present it as a reward.

Do you eat it? I do eat it when I feel like eating it.

Some parents “buy it for the kids”? I buy more candy to give my son the option, but I have no such rational. If I decided to have a candy bar and my son is eyeing the candy, he gets it too. I treat him like I treat myself, if not a bit better. I get sort of frustrated with myself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insight on “Food Happiness”

  1. Cheryl

    Cooking is indeed a joy. Cooking is the art, baking is the science. It is like meditation for me. When I can smell the smells and feel the mix in my hands and then watch as the item becomes something delicious. My spirit was born to cook i think.

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