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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Fuel for Life in Abyss


If everything goes the way people would prefer it to go, their energy, instead of pushing the abyssal threshold, rebounds off the web of life creating a sort of fuel for life’s growth itself. Some souls serve to empower a spiritual breeder reaction. Light begets more light. You uplift someone. That uplifts you. The person you uplifted goes on to uplift someone else. This creates something like a light source.

Shine on. Yes, and there are many of these light sources with the abyss in between.

Each light has a facet of its own composition, a sort of nucleus, that for the purposes of this discussion we will call a well of souls. But these wells are actually all one well, and souls can pass between one light body and another through this conduit. It’s the tunnel of light people report when having near death experiences, and is why abyssal entities feel so foreign, strange, scary and unnatural. They mostly don’t partake in this flow of energy.

They take energy out of the flow? No. They moderate it. They contain it in the light body, at least most of the time.

Everything doesn’t turn to light? There are other states besides darkness and light, and many strange things appear to emerge from the abyss as well as the light. These two poles are more landmarks of our reality.

Pure breeds aren’t as healthy. The light needs an injection from the abyss? Exactly. The abyss does spawn those facets of material reality that arise from entropy, new viruses, and things of that nature.

Matter is between light and darkness, isn’t it? Matter is fed all through light and darkness. Matter flows in a grid that is shot through with light and darkness though it is by no means linear. Light pushed too quickly ceases to remain visible.

The abyss is the darkness? The abyss is reality at entropic speeds. It’s why it’s compared to fire. Ever notice when you have an intense nightmare you can often feel a strange sort of cold burning sensation? Where when you have a normal dream you feel a warm, gently luminous sensation.

During the dream or after you’ve woken up? You usually feel it when you just woke up.

Ok, yes, I notice the chill, cold sweat. Also notice your senses seem to be reeling, like the darkness in your bedroom is too bright? The silence too loud? That is the sensory memory of the abyss, and is what you will feel if an abyssal entity is present in your environment.

The static is the abyss? Yes. The static is described like screaming, or roaring.

Ears ringing? Yes.

I felt such a warmth about two weeks ago. It woke me up at four am and it felt so nice I couldn’t help but smile. Ah, the warmth of the light is very pleasant, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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