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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Get Ahead in Risk


The really successful don’t know any risks. They don’t perceive them. They just do stuff that amazes people. They perceive ways, and they are also notoriously charismatic because they perceive possibilities in people, too.

These geniuses of creativity are what they are, not because they perceive themselves as being special, but because they perceive the world as being special. All the people in it as special, full of opportunity and possibility, magickal. But when it’s all said and done, we attribute the amazing events all to that creative leader. Funny thing is they aren’t listening. They are too busy working on the new next thing.

Risks approached with respect behave as allies. There is a reason I have been describing them as living beings. Risks have their own behaviours and goals as well, so if you want to stow away on a plane to Europe, the law has its own goals and behaviours, and a way it can be approached so that it will help you. The flight event has its own wants and behaviours and a way it can be approached so that it helps you. I have heard leadership described as figuring out where other people are going and getting ahead of them. The events of your life will go on without you if you are too busy “being an individual”, but you can look at your life events and figure out where they are going and get ahead of them. Does this sound impossible?

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Everyone and everything wants to give you things. Everybody wants to act, to do, and through doing, be. What falls on our shoulders is not dictating what happens. We have absolutely no ability to do that, but we can understand the behaviour of the events around us, and work with them so they will work together.

I think sometimes you need to set a goal and just keep pushing until you achieve it. Many times I took advantage of perceived opportunities that turn out to be dead ends that distracted me from my true purpose. Ah, indeed, not every event needs to be recruited just like you don’t have to have the attention of everyone sitting in the McDonalds you are dining in. But you do need some of their attention. You have to have the cashier’s attention, and you should give attention to your partner you are sharing dinner with, but not everybody. Well, events work the same way. If you try to recruit every event, you will wind up with no free will. Your life will be the product of a mob mentality, but if you selectively network some events together, you can achieve those things that might have looked impossible when you took them at face value.

Perhaps seek out the events that fit your purpose instead of just accepting the ones begging at your feet for attention. Yes, and events benefit from helping see your goal through as well. The more benefit people see in a specific event, because you personally demonstrated that value, the more people embrace that event, giving it even more energy so it’s win-win.

The bigger outcomes also require the most energy to build? Exactly.

Every event has motivations? Yes. They all have motivations, and risk management is just diplomacy. People manage risk badly because they fail diplomatically.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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