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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Gyspy Family in Gypsy


Gypsy people work as an extended family and they play the same way. Brother John isn’t poor, the clan is poor. Sister Sue isn’t unhappy, the clan is unhappy.

There is a reason you don’t hear of Gypsy people “escaping”. Telling OMG stories of how horrible their families are. They don’t escape because they don’t feel the need, and those who have had a falling out with their clan are generally unhappy about it. They may have disagreed with their peoples ways and usually have a sense of spiritual unease about it. A solitary entrepreneur doesn’t earn respect among them.

In fact, I have had some contact with them. They spoke fluent unaccented English. It was a grounds maintenance company. They didn’t hire anyone, because it was worked by their whole family. If you see one Gypsy, it’s a guy, and odds are he isn’t actually alone. If you see a Gypsy woman, she is likely traveling with her mother and or sisters.

Another encounter I had with Gypsies was when I was homeless. The family asked where I was going and took me in for the night. Fed me, gave me a bed to sleep in, refused anything in return. Of course, it was understood that I was leaving the next day. They were ok with that too. I only heard the language spoken once, and it was briefly.

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They wouldn’t have offered you work? No. Not without getting to know me. They usually don’t try. Not because they are selfish. They just don’t want the bad luck of misjudgement on their head. If they fail to judge my character, they don’t say “Oh well, he’s just a bad guy.” They see it as having made a spiritual error and it lingers with them even if I go away. They still did wrong. Sort of like getting jinxed.

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