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If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

I Am That I Am in Pride


Do you wonder if you’re real?

I do wonder if I’m real. I’m often impressed with the notion that I am a figment of my own imagination, and when I wake up I might be just an idea someone else had. We are all creatures of consciousness, multi-faceted.  I am that I am. God is truth. We are just busy squinting, or covering our eyes, and saying to God “You can’t see me!”

No error, I am that I am. What is it you think you see? Grouchy old woman in the grocery line, I am that I am. Crying kid defying their parent, I am that I am. What haven’t you been really? Sick person lying in bed, I am that I am. Person going out of their mind with anger or fear, I am that I am. Is there anything you can’t be?

If we call ourselves peaceful and tolerant, then why should we have such problems with those caught in ego and war? You are also the person who wants war. Be the person who wants war, and tell them.

I heard Obama say “America is not your enemy”. That is a deep truth. It inspires confidence in me in Obama. If he wasn’t willing to be that, he wouldn’t have gone there. He would reject that he was the person who wants war, and there would be no reaching anyone. I am that I am when I am speaking to you. Whatever you think I am, I am that I am.

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Who needs one idea of who you are? I don’t. I have countless ideas of who I am. I’m here. I can be here though, and I can’t be here for you until I am here for you.  You might later see more of what I am, but till then I am that I am. Who knows, maybe eventually there won’t be walls. There won’t be thou are that, and I’m not that. As for myself, I find manikins pretty boring.

Our past experiences are also a lens from which we see things. We can only translate through that which we know, a language of our experience. Some will say that we experience more than just our past, and in fact you can see through your future experience infinite possibilities. True, and I am that I am. When you say thou art that, you are making people objects, and well, manikins are very poor company.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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