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What loneliness stems from is an error in the development of a sense of identity.

Inner Dancer in Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

You do nothing without the third chakra. So if you need to do new things, remember to catch your breath. This resets the chakra.

It doesn’t have memory, that’s lower in the gut. It has reactivity. It’s a membrane that changes as pressure from the gut and heart meet at it, and operates as a switch to balance the flow of energies back out, like turning a light switch on and off.

What happens when you press your hand hard against a light switch?

It goes on and makes a loud noise. And then stays on. This happens with us as well. This is why we get stuck and think we have no choice. We think we have no choice to the degree that we think we must make choices. Make = force. The third chakra is our inner dancer. The heart is our drummer, and the gut is our strings.

So if we can flow with choices that is when we have freedom? Exactly. When you think you have to make choices, you either get caught in the strings, the connections and relationships…

Then we get tense, tied in knots and the current can’t flow correctly. And yes, you get very tense, and even twist the chakra that you are supposedly choosing to favour. Press hard enough on a switch and you will break it. Distort your awareness of it.

Or pounded by the drum and feel beat up. A feeling people get when torn by the heart. Exactly. It comes from the idea of must, of have to, and yes, those who choose to favour the heart chakra are stuck on faith, principles and beliefs, and cut themselves off from any sensitivity to the object of their faith. How much does it matter that you love your partner if you will never hug them? Or that you love your child if you will never feed them?

You choose at the third chakra, but you actually do it at the second. Then you learn what you did at the root. Learning and thinking are not the same thing. We don’t learn a dang thing by thinking.

Kind of strange that the brain is literally in the arse. Evolutionarily, the simplest creatures had no difference between their arse and their stomach. They had just one center of activity that controlled their whole being. That simple creature is still in us.

My daddy always said, “Get your head out of your.…” Actually, people need to realize that is where their head belongs. They just need to have it there on purpose, then they would get their arse moving.

Rectal cranium inversion. You would get moving if a foot was headed there. We need to be head over heels. Makes the system flow. Energy flows by flopping from one pole to the other. We just have to realize we aren’t static objects, but dynamic presences. We are indeed dynamic presences.

The world really is upside down. It is. The eyes see it right. Your brain gets it wrong, but that’s not the brains fault.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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