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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

Input from the Multiversal Geography in Cycles


Not everything that happens in the fish pond has anything to do with the fish. Consciousness is a shared field, and again it comes down to matters of scale, scope. There are presences and intelligences that are “bigger” than us, and there are exchanges of energy between not only individuals, but collective groups as well.

Or bigger than we believe ourselves to be? Ultimately, bigger than we believe ourselves to be. This brings me to perhaps an interesting point. Anyone familiar with musical cycles?

Let’s consider a drum beat. It’s a cycle, repeats itself, and can induce a trance. Pulses of light can also induce a trance. Strobe lights do it quite easily.

Or a seizure. Yes, seizure just being a catastrophic trance.

Well, humans aren’t truly blind to the mutliversal landscape. We enter into any of a variety of trance states based on our relationship to that terrain, and our inner or implicit personal morphology.

An affinity with it? In a sense, yes, it’s an affinity.

A simple example. DNA and neurological stress can create something like a physical change in us before the actual physical change happens. A negative example of DNA creating a physical change that wasn’t there before would be cancer. Well, just as we have a material presence in the physical world, we have an energy locus in the multiversal landscape as well, and this locus or center of energy has a shape, qualities and characteristics that are individual to it, sort of like a body shape.

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This sounds a lot like the concepts that reiki is based on. A spiritual body linked to the physical body. It likely does have a lot in common.

As I said earlier, we aren’t completely blind to that landscape. Ever walk near a fence when the sunlight was coming from behind it? As you kept your steady pace, did you find the flashes of light sort of disorienting? But not enough to stop moving? Sort of like a strobe light?

I have found it exaggerated when driving a car in a similar light pattern. Exactly, faster makes the disorientation worse, even overwhelming.

I experienced that today as the sun was beginning to set, shining through the trees as we were driving home. Trees can do it too.

Well… You get that same effect from the multiversal geography of any place you are at.

Add in some steep curves and it’s even more disorienting. Kinetic stimulation just compounds the matter. In fact, that reminds me to add a detail. I was using drum beats and strobing light for simplicity sake, but the input you get from the local multiversal geography includes all your possible senses. It’s very immersive, and here is the rub. Your brain translates it into the picture of where you think you are.

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Does everyone get the same local input or is the local input biased by where we are personally connected to? Both, and is subject to observer bias as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

(Bold, italicized text is input from One World class participants. Thank you!)

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