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I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Interpretation of Spirits in Spirits


When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As you slumber your memory of the day does play out, as that is one of the characteristics of the spirit world. But in fact you can and often do have encounters with spirits on that level. The human mind is sort of strange and it tries to make everything fit into a five sensory mode of perception. This makes things look like something or feel like something. So often these encounters with spirits seem strange and scary. They might make the spirit seem like a predatory animal because the mind is having trouble translating what it senses.

This is why dreams are difficult to understand. We have a whole section of our brain dedicated to helping us translate our waking experience, and it does that well enough in most cases. But it tends to inhibit our higher consciousness, and thus many who are having a vivid dream or are even experiencing astral projection report a sense of uncomfortable limitation. Frustration even. They recognize that there is a reality there and they just aren’t seeing it very clearly. Much like the frustrations someone who has lost their sight reports. Though for most people the process of incarnation is so immersive that they experience what I refer to as “the gift of lethe”. A forgetting of your previous state so the psychological conflict will be eased or even potentially negated. It’s not a uniform process.

As I was describing in ‘Nature of Spirits’ any state of matter can serve as a “body” for incarnations purposes, and thus animal spirits and plant spirits as well as elemental spirits are often more complex than their physical incarnation would seem. That open state of the higher energy phase of life on earth we call death allowing for extra-dimensional traffic doesn’t preclude that those visitors can choose to incarnate here also. So occasionally there have been reported strange beings that had very physical existences. Hell hounds of abnormal intelligence and aggression, night mare horses and other things.

There was an old set of practices that existed in one form or another in every culture on earth because they recognized the reality of this strange variation in incarnation, thus some were designated witches even before that became a villanized concept. The person who I took my Second Life name from (Merlin) was said to be the child of a human woman and a sea demon. In the bible there were a whole race of beings referred to as the nephilim who were the children of human women and fallen angels. Where are they now, the nephilim? Their influence is still in the human genome and that mode of incarnation is still possible.

Do we know what causes the world to be so intolerant of spiritual manifestation? The world experienced a spiritual lull, sort of a low tide. And many of the beings that used to manifest here found the world barren for a time. That and many voluntarily withdrew to allow humanity to mature without undue influence.

So in fact the influence of the spirit realm has always been strong in the world. From Japanese ancestral piety and veneration of the kami and the kingdom of heaven, to the Norse ancestral deification of their forebears and the Aryan subversion of the more elemental spirits knows as the vanir, to the association of the Aztec feathered serpent god with the rulership of their priest kings from an enlightened era that they had fallen from before the white man came, to the Chinese dragon emperor dynasties and their legends of the river lords a.k.a dragons taking mortal lovers. This interplay of the spirit and the material world has been observed everywhere. It wasn’t till the spread of empire that things became very much more human in the human paradigm. The pax romana. The civilizing of the worlds cultures as they understood it and the spreading of roman enlightenment, and how that carried over into the roman catholic church still affects us today. Spirituality become linked to fealty and thus the divine right of kings. The caste system that is not really supposed to exist in enlightened America. The age of reason itself. Have all in many ways closed our minds to what was our primal understanding of the world. Dulled our perception and our attunement to our own instincts. Made us lose respect not only for the natural world but the spiritual nature of our own lives and our connection to our ancestors, either through genetic memory or karma or just our loved ones watching over us. However you choose to interpret it.

The resurgence of a belief in the worlds connection to spirit is returning, and getting a little distorted. In an insistence that everything have a material basis the strange lights in the sky have been called space craft, and they have to have come from some other planet in some remote region of space. In the past we knew that the earth was not closed. Even quantum theory substantiates that there isn’t one earth and one time but many earths and many times running parallel to each other. Faster then light (ftl) travel isn’t outrunning photons, it’s realizing that that barrier doesn’t even exist.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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