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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Intuitive Techniques in Intuition


Some intuitive techniques might be helpful and interesting.  Intuition will be experienced in a very individual way, and I will run some phenomenon by you.

1. The first intuitive technique is feeling that has no source we can identify with our senses. When you feel something about a place or person or idea and you didn’t choose to.  The intuitive feeling is just a non rational perception.

2. Second would be the inner dialogue. It does strong things and for some it’s very active. Sometimes the inner dialogue acts on its own, and follows a flow we don’t choose.

3. The next intuitive technique would be images or vision, and often strange ones. Sometimes the visions are just colors or abstract patterns.

4. And the last intuitive phenomenon, knowing. Direct knowing happens most when your mind is at rest and an idea occurs to you. You just know. Often times you don’t even ask for the knowing. It occurs because you were very focused and then rested. You can’t try with intuition. Just like you can’t try with your physical senses.

The feeling intuition can be triggered by focusing on your body, more specifically your abdomen and just noticing what you feel. Whatever you focus on, focus on your abdomen and feel. You will find a knowing there. Not thinking. It’s sort of like gazing with your mind. Recall, be aware, don’t analyze. Just be aware of your focus in whatever way you naturally are.

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The inner dialogue is triggered by listening to your own thoughts. It’s sort of localized in your head. A slightly heightened awareness above your ears. You think of a question which gives you your focus, and then instead of continuing to think you listen. Your inner dialogue will continue even if you just listen and the knowing will come. It doesn’t follow consensus reality rules. Often writing will help you get out of your own way.

The next intuitive technique is vision. Some people think they don’t have visions. Scientifically this isn’t so. The part of your brain that processes visual impressions is always active. Eyes closed or not. So to use vision to start, closing your eyes can help. It is like having a TV set in your head, vision is always going whether you are paying attention or not. You never really stop dreaming, and like lucid dreaming you can set a focus. You can see not only far away places and people, but intuitive things also. Symbols associated with the person, much like a dream. The focus for this is the third eye.

When you close your eyes, your body naturally shifts the vision up. That isn’t just your physical vision shutting off. It’s your brain using the vision you are letting it still use. This is a handy way of finding your third eye in a concrete way.

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And then the direct knowing. When you meditate, many people find that they sort of center in their heads and their thinking speeds up. So much so that they feel they aren’t really thinking. In a way this is true. When you focus your awareness up in your head, knowing flows. If you establish a focus then shift your awareness up to the crown chakra. Your knowing will be about the focus.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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