Actual freedom is not seperation from anything, but rather the recognition of the meaning in the walls that surround you.

Invoke Eros in Eros


So Eros, what should we do with it?

Invoke it? Yes. Centre in it. Live for the love of life itself.

But don’t go kissing cops like in that “Love Potion Number 9” song. True, and that itself isn’t Eros. That is just foolishness. Eros without intoxication has wisdom to it.

Are there such things as love potions and do any of them work? And do they have anything to do with Eros? First off, I will ask, does any recipe for anything in reality work? You may know a recipe for chicken soup, but how do you know if it worked?

Sometimes it seems to but can’t be repeated. You just happen to have the right touch at the time. So that is the secret to potion making. But potions and compounds, dusts and other magickal reagents, the use of them has more to do with the “touch” of the creator than the materials themselves.

The intention must go into the potion before anything else? Yes, exactly. And in the case of a love potion that has everything to do with Eros. If I wanted to make a love potion to woo my wife, I would not involve sugar in it.

Did the Greek gods use potions? The Greek gods were potions. They bore the divine ichor in their veins, and survived on ambrosia and essence not unlike mana. They were the agents by which any transformation in the world took place at all.

Is that why they are often seen drinking wine? Yes. The wine symbolizing the divine. And the particular spirit we call wine was a specific deity, Dionysus. Apollo was honey mead.

So it’s why wine is often part of a romantic evening? Yes. These things “inspired” moods in people, but so could foods and music.

Wine inspires you to sip slowly and savour it. Yes. Inspires sensuality. Me, it inspires to vomit, but that is a personal sensitivity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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