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Justice Is Order in Justice


What is justice, friends?

I think a balance, like the scales of Libra.

Consequence somehow in balance.

It’s not marginal.

Consequence perhaps.

People typically relate it to ‘deserving’.


All good, thank you. Today, I intend to offer the premise that justice is order, and in a sense is marginal in that it relies on having a margin. Thus, they even use the term in typing when they say a document is “right justified” meaning it’s centered or ordered on the definition of the right hand margin.

Boundaries? Justice is boundaries, and in a perfectly just world nothing could survive. Nothing could survive in a perfectly just world because nothing could arise. The perfectly ordered reality would be a blank surface, complete void. All creation can have its existence only to the degree that it is an interruption of order. It can survive and persist only to the degree that it can contrast itself to the perfect order.

Order and chaos work together in a balance? Indeed. We do have reality because order and chaos balance each other. Perfect chaos could not permit survival also, because again nothing could center. Nothing could order itself around any principle of any kind. Some equate justice with morality, but there is no need for justice until some disorder of “wrong doing” has occurred. Is this not so?

When we feel justice is not being served there is an underlying flaw in the order of things? Because, in a sense, justice always exists within the order that exists? Yes.

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Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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