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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Knowing Is Internal in Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Anyone want to share a problem in their life?

A problem? Find work that I really enjoy. Ok, so let’s look at your job search. Describe it to me? How was it when you were looking? There were plenty of jobs, just none that appealed to me.

First off, why did you notice “plenty of jobs”? Seeing advertisements. Why did you see those? Because I like to read the paper or look on websites for that information. Why do you like that? Because you never know when something will pop up that you might want to look closer at.

Research. You like research. Yes. Why don’t you research? I do. I Google everything. But that does not earn me a steady wage. Market research doesn’t earn a steady wage? As far as I have heard it can very easily. You don’t like market research? No, it’s fine. I just am not in a paying job, but I wish I was. Why do you notice this wish? Because I feel guilt that my husband has a paying job and I don’t, and the money is slowly disappearing. Why do you notice guilt? Because he tells me the money is going. Why do you notice this communication from him? Because I can see the stress. You see his stress, do you? What do you see in him? You are seeing it now in your minds eye, and what you actually want to do is not “get a job” is it? I see a man who is trying his best. No. You see something that you think is stress. Why do you think it’s stress? Are there clear signs of stress? Like feeling sick to your stomach often? There are clear signs of your feelings. You aren’t seeing his stress. You are seeing yourself.

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You feel stress, and go looking for a job. You aren’t thinking about a job, because you can’t really. You are stressed, and so it’s all just a meaningless stream of data. Then you turn back to your start, which is the idea you have the problem of being unemployed, but you do not have that problem.

Hmmm, thinking about solving a problem instead of finding something new? Yes. You can’t use your energy. You couldn’t desire something even if you saw it. I see the media saying being unemployed is a problem. You don’t see that. You see your judgement of yourself or the media commentary wouldn’t get your attention.

The stress makes me care nothing about finding a job? Yes, exactly. So stress becomes the problem? No, stress is energy. Your mismanaging your perception is the error. So you’re saying it’s distracting and moving energy away from finding a job? Yes, exactly.

Our perception goes to things that reinforce our problems? Like the jobs we don’t want? Yes, and goes there because we are ignoring what we do want. Not because we don’t know what we want, but the knowing is internal. We can’t find it in externals, so we ignore it.

You will get it when you see it. You will not see it when you get it. You get things every day all the time and never notice. Your structured examining of “reality” blinds you. You aren’t seeing reality. The only reality is inside you.

I need to work on the stress so it won’t be in the way? No. You don’t need to work on the stress. You need to work on your perception. The stress is your energy and you are holding it back. You don’t need to destroy that energy or ignore what it’s telling you. This would just make you even more blinded.

Why does the stress give me physical effects? It gives you physical effects because your body wants to obey the inner mind and not your perception, which likely guides it half heartedly. This is true of most everybody. You haven’t decided to see yet. When a mosquitoes bites you, the body wants to kill it. If it’s buzzing you, your body wants to swat at it. The body knows reality very clearly, your perception does not.

Feeling my pulse race and my breathing change is like swatting? It’s like the desire to swat but you won’t let yourself do it, so it just backs up and jams all your body processes. You must release. This is where perception kicks in. It’s a guide and guide only.

If I did that, I might scare my husband. You don’t actually know what it would do to him, do you? No. You have to accept that fact. He might join me in fact. True. He may very well. He won’t have the chance though until you act.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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