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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Left Handed in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

On the subject of seduction, everyone experiences some pull from the dark. Every time something happens, “Save for the grace of God, there go I.”

Light lovers worry too much about what is fair. They worry about it and fail to find it. They bury it even deeper in trying to defend it. Every time you feel you escaped something very negative, every time you feel you kept your cool, you did so only in part. All those things you “didn’t do” build up a gravity of their own. Every dark desire, sinister imagining. Sinister meaning left handed, off hand thoughts…

When we do something it also activates its shadow? Exactly. So people feel like they are being entrapped.

They just want to look good. That’s not really possible except by self deceit. Though others experience a different pull, and most posture when they are being too self obsessed to be self aware.

The terms used are the right hand and left hand path, and though most people are naturally right handed, both physically and metaphysically, some are naturally and genuinely left handed. They understand the world in a pessimistic way. Generally see through the looking glass darkly. They aren’t any more evil than those champions of the light are good, but due to stresses put on them by societies views of their personal nature, they often adopt their own set of foolish attitudes and behaviours to “rebel” against the other side. The rebel is honestly the biggest slave and there is no real wisdom in that.

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Sounds like politics again. The dark side is the better side? No side is really better, but one may be better for you personally. It’s what ever side you fit into? Yes, and the dark side needs the light. It needs the constructive imagination and ambition. It needs the hope.

I find there is a time for each. Yes, exactly. It’s about timing. Sort of like the heart is lop sided, the literal organ, the soul is lop sided as well.

The mean Drows that I know probably haven’t been told that. That’s perhaps true. Dark souls that are whole and healthy have a star in them. Light souls that are whole and healthy have a shadowed or if you prefer “shady” spot in them. But both gardens have paths, and they both meet in the street of the whole universe itself. This work to explain it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Sean

    You seem wise and I noticed that in the center of a star, the five pointed one, there is an inversed star and vice versa. 😛

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