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Major Arcana: Death and Wheel in Tarot

Wheel Major Arcana

Now the major arcana. These could be considered the power players in reality, the pervasive forces of the universe. The court cards don’t tell their own stories, and they will stay at home, so to speak, if there is no outside intervention.

So shall we begin the major arcana?

Perhaps one of the most obvious is death. What are your impressions of that image?

It looks like he is wearing a mask.


Death Major Arcana


#13 as well. And indeed it is. The number does matter. It’s the point in the grand cycle that the death card occupies, because history repeats itself.

He is collecting the rubbish. Yes. He is collecting the rubbish.

It’s not as obvious a card as people think it is, but we all experience it. Every time it comes up, it can change any of our activities, can’t it?

Death could be called life/death. Death is also change, and we all have some leaning in the love hate relationship with death. Death can disturb our thinking, disrupt our emotional stability, interrupt our pursuit of passion. It can change everything, but without death you can have no change, without death you will have worse than death.

Not even the king can escape. That’s a good observation. The king card is the rule maker, the controller, but ultimately doesn’t it seem all rules are eventually broken? There is always the exception that is considered proof of the rule.

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Everyone is involved in death, but let’s not dwell too long. The fear of change wears heavily on everyone’s mind.

Wheel Major Arcana

Now we will see the wheel.

Wheel of fortune. That is indeed what it is, and we all experience this wheel. Again being a major arcana, its influence bridges all the minor realms. We all have hopes, we all feel we have a chance, and we all fear that there is a chance for anything to happen. If we focus too much on the wheel, we can even lose our sense of orderly progression.

What are those animals? Those animals are the embodiments of the elements and the directions. The elements are not just forces of nature or patterns of energy. They are patterns of probability, also. The people we get the word luck from, the Vikings, didn’t believe there was just one form of luck, or two. It wasn’t as clear as good luck and bad luck. There were more flavors. Thus you can get any four people together, and two might consider themselves lucky, but they will have been lucky in different things.

Lucky in cards, unlucky in love. Exactly.

Does this seeming confusing or unreal?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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