All things have a negative side. Every light casts a shadow. One can feel that they don’t entertain a thought, but you can’t avoid entertaining negatives. They are an inherent part of the equation that allows you to arrive at positives.

Measure of Purity in Purity


What is purity to you, my friends?

Elimination of toxins.

Unpolluted and unblemished.

The absence of evil.

Flawless…like a diamond.

All visions of purity have a truth in them. Today, I will share mine.

The soul or psyche, spirit if you prefer, is like a great light. All souls in the world together would appear like a vast firmament of astral lights, stars metaphorically speaking. While the soul is a light, the mind is a prism, taking the original undifferentiated light and splitting it off into all the varieties of experience we have in our lifetimes.

Mind is in this body? Mind is in matter, not confined to bodies as we define them.

Much thought is given to the issue of purity in life. Many spiritual and philosophical discussions have been had, but no definitive definition or understanding of what the idea of purity really means. Nothing agreed upon. You would think that human experience would allow a shared understanding of such a seemingly important concept, no?

I think it’s more of an ideal than a reality and doesn’t stand up to real life pressures.

It’s easier to define a lack of purity perhaps.

I see the measure of purity being evident in the degree of diffusion in the souls light. Our minds are our personal being, a legacy that transcends any specific set of circumstances, preserved and communicated through history by the collective unconscious and genetic inheritance of species memory (to the point that elements of it are actually present in creatures we don’t even acknowledge as members of our own species) by virtue of the genetic relationship between all life.

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Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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