Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Menu of Options in Originating Spirit

Originating Spirit

I am venturing into a sort of complex area. We are often very used to looking at our own behaviour more from an externalized view. We are so used to it that we don’t often see that our perception is disconnected from our internal being. That we are seeing more how the world works and little or nothing of our own being. It‘s like we come to see life as a big McDonalds menu, and we lose sight of the fact that is us on the other side of the counter taking the order. The options as we are taught them are not the complete menu of options, and never have been for any of us. We are here to express those very options that aren’t on the “menu”.

So what is originating spirit? Well, some people think that might refer to “being original” as we are taught to see originality. Originality as we are taught it … is it very original?

More tradition. The kids trying to be original all look alike. Yes. Both very true.

Can we think of it as “source”? Personal source not usually covered in many of the spirituality schools that are popular right now.

I was taught that no one likes a copycat and also that imitation can be flattering…so which one is it? Imitation is flattering, because the originating spirit in each of us is also our genuine point of connection with others. I refer to it as the originating spirit rather than the creative spirit, because creativity leads people to think of artificial things, something “made”. You may have heard the phrase “I see where you’re coming from”? That phrase has more meaning than people usually reflect upon, and in the case of imitation, it’s a lot like our tendency to imitate the body language of someone we’re talking to. It’s an instinct.

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Making connection? Yes. It adds to the statement “I see where you’re coming from … and I’m with you”.

That is often more subconscious too, right? You don’t realise you are mirroring someone you are attracted to? Most people don’t imitate body language on purpose, and we have the subconscious drive to be with people. Even if we are consciously trying to hold ourselves above them, something in our souls knows that superiority is a lie.

So the drive to be one of the group? Well, no. It isn’t a drive to be one of the group, because the group is a conscious mind creation. Group is an arbitrary idea.

A menu item? Exactly. It’s a drive to be present with another in spirit as well as body.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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