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It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Modern Wizardry in Wizardry


Today we are talking about modern wizardry, but people wouldn’t recognize it as wizardry at first glance. What we know as science got its origin from the practices of ancient wizardry, and though it has made every attempt to eschew the subjective aspects of the previous disciplines, it seems this is ultimately impossible. What do you think friends?

It uses some of the same terms, like elements. Yes, indeed.

We still have those pesky minds that work as they do.

Lots of science things seem like magic.

Can you explore the “what” of things and successfully ignore all possible perceptions of why?

Many scientists try hard to ignore it. They do.

Not successfully though. I think most people look at things that way in normal life. And they often make weak passes at saying that things like morality are for spirituality to address, at the same time saying that the traditions behind that fail.

But others like Einstein took direction from intuition. They did and many still do. Carl Jung favoured what he saw as a holistic form of the empirical method. Many great minds have taken issue with the trend that has led to the popular disposition of science these days.

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So, we do amazing things these days, no? Do we actually need to understand our world in order to change it?

Maybe we wouldn’t change it if we understood it.

I think we can change it without understanding it, but perhaps not in the way we intend. Or in the way we intend and receiving consequences that we fail to anticipate.

We can change it without understanding, but understanding would help. Science pretends to do nothing without understanding, but this doesn’t seem true to my experience.

Fundamental research does eventually lead to interesting innovations. There are those who say we don’t fund it enough and this will limit our progress. We will be too short sighted. That’s an important point.

From my own experience, I have a rare genetic disorder, and science lead them to give me medications that offered only symptomatic treatment with numerous and potentially serious risks. Had that not satisfied them, then there was talk of what to my point of view bordered on vivisection, severing the hemispheres of my brain from each other.

They didn’t know for a fact that any of these things would work, but they had no compunction against trying. My own experience is just a small picture example. They have made these judgements on everything from the safety of nuclear energy and chemical usage to things like social engineering and educational doctrine.

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Stephen Hawking said that if they can do it, they will. That was an honest and sinister statement.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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