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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Move The Mirrors in Spells


Anyone want to share a seemingly inexplicable problem they have? Some chronic issue that just keeps popping up for no apparent reason?

My fear of talking to strangers on the phone. Ok. You always begin to talk to yourself about phone calls. Maybe you had a really bad one a long time ago, but don’t really remember it now. You don’t have to remember it, the spell lingers with you.

I do remember it. Ok. So your attention goes to that every time someone calls. It builds more power. Even when you don’t intend to think about it, it comes up. It has a force of its own so the spell seems independent of you. For all intents and purposes, it is.

Maybe I’m not aware how much it effects me, too. Yes. You don’t have to be told someone is casting a spell on you, nor do you have to know what you have cast on yourself. It will still work.

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Care to relate your money issue?

Stuff coming up that takes my money. For a while everything was adding. That first year money was always being added. Now somehow everything seems to be subtracting, each month something. Have you had a lot of awareness of what you are giving to others? Have you been considering how much you do for others? Thinking about how it affects you?

I guess sometimes. Sometimes is all it takes. Sometimes + emotion = spell. Sometimes it does seem the universe does owe me a living after all I have done free. Yes, and owing creates a spell of owing. Thoughts of owing creates a spell of you being connected to owing and you wind up owing. Sympathetic link.

I better quit being so nice then. Very possibly, yes. I have dealt with being under that same spell as well. I had to start allowing myself moments of “mine!”

So then how to turn it around? We might get to how to turn around both of your spells with the next area.

Spellcasting isn’t just self hypnosis. Though when you get started it might seem like it. You aren’t just under the spell of your own thoughts and words. You are also under the spell of your body language and behaviour. This is why dancing can be spell casting. And you are under the spell of your senses. The impact of what you see and hear, and these have qualities all their own. Just as you can’t easily convince your enemy that they don’t really hate you, you won’t convince the smell of a rose that it actually smells like skunk, or that it has nothing to do with the outdoors. Though you cannot convince reality it isn’t what it is, it can convince you that you are something other than you used to be.

Some things are easier to change than others? Actually, this comes from the mystery of change. There is no change, because there is no stasis. Any seemingly persistent thing is just smoke and mirrors, and you can move the mirrors.

I can often convince enemies they like me, not all. Even in the case of the convinced enemy, you convinced them in a way that was innate to their thinking, their nature. You couldn’t make the rules. You just have to use their rules.

And I do have a pretty solid belief I am loveable, but yes it is generally with humour and song. That itself is helpful. Those who believe they are lovable are comfortable with being loving, which raises the element of emotion in spell casting. People think that their emotions are confined to them, and that emotion is just something that sparks then vanishes. This is mistaken. Emotion is innate to reality.

In the words of Roger Rabbit, a laugh is the most powerful weapon we have. Roger Rabbit is absolutely right. Emotion is an energy that runs through all life, even imprints on matter. This is why tools become important to spellcasting. We develop emotions about them, which adds more power to our act of intention focusing.

I think it’s why toons are pretty much immortal. Because they just want you to laugh. This is true. It is also why the Gods are immortal. It wasn’t until the modern era that people started really believing in entirely independent Gods.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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