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God is very real in our hearts and minds, and in our actions in the world, and regrettably god is insane.

Nephilim Behaviour in Nephilim


The nephilim bear the race memory of their elders, but otherwise show strong human inclinations as well, and tend to go to extremes of behaviour in each of their lives.

How would one spot one of the nephilim among us? Though they are called giants, that is not really a literal description. They tend to run more along the lines of how the Celts described the Fomorian people, bearing unusual physical traits and an unusual and strangely impassioned cunning, sort of hyperactive minds to go with their physical differences. The physical differences aren’t always what humans would see as grotesque. Some are seen as too normal looking. So normal looking it actually looks weird. Some possess a sort of unearthly beauty.

Almond eyes, pointy ears? Yes, though the points would be understated. But without exceptions they display quirks of body language.

I’ve noticed a new trend of unusually wide spaced eyes. Those are a specific ethnic group among the nephilim.

Their body language is never what we might call natural. It tends to be stiff, too controlled, or if fluid then strangely round about. They move in a way that makes it hard to read their intentions or mood. This isn’t deception. They are just not speaking the same body language. It’s not as animal, if you will.

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As if they were holding and drive the body wrong? Exactly.

Like trying to understand Japanese anime. Bloody nose means your horny… what? That’s a good metaphor. That is anime. It is a little off topic, but still illustrates what a symbolic and conceptual split would be like.

Unlike a popular cultural trend in some circles, the nephilim will not truly lay claim to being anything other than human. They will show an instinctive anxiety at the suggestion that they are different.

Nephilim also show a strange understanding of the world around them. They typically show moments of confusion like they don’t recognize what they are looking at, followed by what would seem to be weird, even random behaviour according to human standards which actually winds up making perfect sense after the fact. Kind of like someone listening to an activity in another room and being able to anticipate it means something is coming to their space. This is why they so often seem almost prophetic. It doesn’t really have anything to do with seeing the future.

They’re looking at spirit also? Yes, actually, but not what people would consider the higher celestial spheres. Their understanding tends to revolve more around the behaviour of matter, including animal matter.

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Ghosts and auras and impressions from people? Yes. They are often naturally in touch with that shadow around the earth that people consider the ghostly realm, or instead of shadow if you prefer, echo. This is why those in that realm have their voices show up in electronic voice phenomena (evp). It’s simply a quantum echo. A nephilim hears these voices in the ionosphere, storms, things like that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Nephilim Behaviour”

  1. timothy criss

    What if you no someone with all those traits do they no what they are here for.

    • Travis

      That understanding comes under the right trigger condition for that individual.

  2. timothy criss

    What if someone you no have those traits .do they no if there one.

  3. coleen wilson

    This article, may I elaborate, was a brief breathe of release,for several reasons encompassing the truth unveiled rather than the usual media rape about my people-the Nephilim. I would be moved should I receive a response to this comment by the author of such an article. The accuracy is slightly abstracted from our demeanor and behaviors,depending much on the lineages which compose the DNA and genetic tendencies toward particular sociological factors and environmental influences. I am not the \\\”Nephilim in denial\\\” who shall covet his or her identity or existence,rather one who has chosen to embrace a harmonious cohabitation with all species. Please return my request to assist in the enlightenment of farther articles or media with a more in depth understanding to fill in many centuries of void that have caused prejudice and shame…to both Nephilims and humans alike.

    • Dragon Intuitive

      Thanks Coleen, We welcome more material on Nephilims and if you would like to submit an article you can send it to dragonintuitive @

    • Sheldon

      Hello your response struck a cord with me are you available to converse by chance


  4. BJ

    How did you get the chance to sit back and observe and study these individuals?

    • Travis

      There is no single individual who manifests all the traits – that I have met. I’ve seen features that correspond to what I’ve described in various individuals, some with a greater prevalence then others.

  5. Robert

    Also I have heard that you maybe able to know one by looking into their eyes.

  6. Robert

    I have a theory that the Nephilim of today are descendants of the Norse. Reasoning…. about 25, 000 years ago a mutant gene happened there that created blue eyed people, also these people are taller and bigger than most and concidered beautiful. Just my theory.

  7. jenna

    I have had dreams of calling myself a nephilim and controlling tornadoes and such I have red hair pointed ears and im short but I feel taller when angered ive been told I even look taller like im five seven I also can lift way more than I should like three hundred pounds on a weight bench I am normally five two my.blood type is rh negative just wondering if having prophetic dreams are also part of being a nephilim

  8. Rubicante

    This article is acurate enough. I read then wondered wow, there are humans that know about us. I appreciate this article; it is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for knowing and understanding us.

  9. Ra'sheen

    I can’t believe such libel is allowed. Charlatan.

  10. Dion

    Why would anyone want to be a Nephilim outside of the “powers” you get. They are nonredeemable.

    • Solani

      For what reason would we want as you call it “to be redeemed”?

  11. Laura Lynne

    Found out I have one of these guys following me around since I came back from a mission trip in Guatemala back in 2013, so I went 17 years without my buddy(had 3 other UFO sightings as a kid). I know it’s the 3/4s kind & that I’m the 7(it’s the 6) & I was wondering if their was much of a difference between the personality/physical traits of the soul numbers 19 & 20? So far though, this article has pegged him, just from all of the dreams I’ve seen & messages received. Thank you for this beautiful insight!! & @Jenna I’m O+ blood type & I have intense prophetic dreams often but you may/may not have some Nephilim in your lineage, just from what I’ve read online.

  12. Gary Ellis

    You just may have explained somethings to me that I have wondered about for quite awhile. I am 69 years old and have known I was illegitimate since I was 18. My mother told me his name and I thought it was Irish because she said he had red hair. About two years ago one night I googled his name and up popped a very extensive genealogy of his family all the way back to Wales. It seems my 8th great grandfather was Rowland Ellis born in Wales 1650. He came to America to escape religious persecution as a Quaker and I looked even further and found he was related to Llewelyn the Great of Wales. Llewelyn was married to Joan illegitimate daughter of King John Lackland King of England Plantagenet. I think that makes me Dragon line.

  13. Solani

    The descendants of the Nephilim and/or Watchers have always been here waiting and watching from the sidelines… Some of us are very well aware of what they/we are and have been aware for as long as we can remember. Others (more and more) are now “waking up”. Unfortunately, many of the sleepers that are awakening have no idea what is going on and are not able to find anyone that can help them understand what is going on with them on a spiritual/mental level. The world as they are experiencing it makes little or no sense to them and they feel that their “unusual/not normal to them” changing thought-patterns are intrusive and must be stopped in order to be able to function and fit in to today’s society of what is considered to be “normal”. Many become caught up in the psyche system and are medicated, thinking they are crazy somehow. Sadly, others live out their lives in mental institutions…

  14. Ck

    I fit the discription. So what am I suppose to do with this information. I’m have no evil intent. People like my ears. Ppl Call me a seer but I don’t claim to be as such. They only feel uncomfortable on occasion not being able to read me. I’m not sure any more relevant info exists. Am I right? What ever we are we are adoptable by God as I have read it.

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