We have survived as long as we have not for our normal humans. They tend to function sort of like deer caught in headlights. They just stand confused or just keep doing what they are doing. We have survived because some of our kind had natural traits so strong they couldn’t conform to our unnatural ideas and prejudices.

One Immutable Light in Visualization


The mind has a geography all its own. Meditation can reveal a lot of that, and selective sensory immersion can reveal a lot more. This is why artists always seem so intuitive and insightful. In order to learn to do their art, they have to really focus on the sense involved in making their art, vision or hearing, even tactile.

I guess that’s what Buddhist mindfulness training is doing? Yes, but that is only a start.

It is exercising imagination? Yes. There are some popular spiritual teachings that actually steer people away from exploring what they see as too much of the mind, and yes, you do have to retain a sense of center.

That can be a double edged sword if you become too sensitive to things. Very true. But yes, people often chicken out because they imagine themselves to be psychologically weaker than they are. They convince themselves they cannot handle the strange or strained.

They are taught that. Indeed, they are. It’s unfortunately involved in a fair bit of religious indoctrination. Keeps people feeling like they need priests. It is a big mess, this fever dream we call real life. Maybe things like the virtual world of Second Life relieve it some.

As you unlock that personal imagination as well, doesn’t a lot of memories and past hurts come back into view for processing? Oh indeed, you will have to see all of your ugly images as well as your hopeful ones. The imagination is a hologram of real life and just as holistic as real life. You cannot avoid that dark side, but you can carry a torch. Know what the torch is?

Attention. The center of our consciousness is our attention. That is the one immutable light. Where your heart goes so does the rest of you. If your hearts not in it, no other part of you will remain there.

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It is pretty rewarding when you reach the attention of someone who had previously lost their light. Yes. One of life’s deepest rewards is found in those moments of connection.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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