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To provide you with a taste of the One World family and our activities on Reflection Island in Second Life. Event discussion blogs give a flavor of the events that you can participate in real time. Add your voice!

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“I like to connect to people in the virtual world, exchanging thoughts and ideas, when in the physical world we might never have the opportunity to cross paths.” Demi Moore

“Many people are buying just for fun. It’s kind of like playing a giant game of Monopoly. Have you ever wanted beach front property in Hawaii? Now you can have it in the virtual world. You can easily e-mail your friends and associates a direct link to your property.” Gary Ewell

Cranky Elemental

I have a big problem in my sleeping room. It’s “water” coming from above. Fungus around walls, and it’s a new house. We moved from an old house, and this new one is built on good ground. Inspections told us it’s all okay, but I was only in my room a few months before this started. Builders, etc. don’t know where the problem is. So it’s a strange phenomenon. Nature spirit,… Read More

Dream Invite

You had a dream invite? Yes, I have a good memory for dreams, so I can even describe some deep dreams after many years. This was a strange one, not average. Some old lady like Hag came to me, and she was in front of my nose, standing, and she smiled, no talking. Behind her the sun was shining, beautiful silver curly hair, long, and I calm down and asked, “What do… Read More

Psychic Energy Surge

How can I interpret headaches, shivers, strange pulsing in my head, like the sun is in my brain when I meet some people? Usually it happens with persons who have a lot of spiritual knowledge like in bio-energy, healing, etc. Would you say these feelings are good or bad? I am not sure if this is good for my body or my mind. I perceive a headache or other symptoms… Read More

Reaching Planetary Consciousness

Myspace Oracle

It has already been said, the core will come to the front. Get down to the core truths. We see it. It is happening, for we cannot see what is not happening. We can see what has a ghost of potential. For myself, I see shades of events, and they all sort of shift around each other, like somebody monkeying with transparencies on a projector, but even that still has… Read More

New Seed Growing from Decay

Volcanic Overload

Do you know what fringe people are? Not sure I do. It was a term coined in the early 90’s, I believe. Described as the outer layer of people. Like on an orange, it would be the skin. That which takes the light in and then transforms and sends inside. Witches, those cast out? No, the psychic that takes in the light. The shamans. Those never really in. Yes. I am fringe.… Read More

Humanity Shift

Metaphysics Class

What do you feel from this group? From this immediate group? Or the group in general? No, these four souls. I sense doors, apertures that are just a bit ajar, and those are moving. This is not at all common. I sense a harmony between the doors, like looking at doors in the same city block, somehow they just seem to fit even though they have noticeable differences. It also… Read More

Gabriel Channelled Message: Approaching the Solstice

Greetings earth travelers and angelic beings, as you are both one. You stand in a time where you are both, and one in the same, as you stand in a time of overlapping realities. This is not a time to fear, but a time to be very grateful for. This is a time period where your higher self is observing all realities and choosing which reality is best for the… Read More

A Vision

Being in a cabal of like-minded peers gives people courage. Yes. This is what I meant our community to be here in the virtual world of Second Life, and hopefully by extension into the real world. My intention for this group and this island has nothing to do directly with my classes. I do them because people want that, but the bigger picture has its own merit. What is your… Read More

Gabriel Channelled Message: Emotions

Greetings earth children and children of the light. You are also children of the dark but we will discuss this later. You are the reason I am, and I am the reason you all are. Today, we will discuss your strongest field of energy, that which influences the common field of energy from which all issues. What is your strongest field? Your emotions. Every moment you breathe within your human… Read More

New Paradigm for Humanity

What will the New Paradigm for Humanity be Gabriel? “For those that see, the new paradigm will consist of more freedom to express love in many different ways. People will change conventions that now exist, that inhibit free expression, the free flow of love. They will seek to love more openly, more freely, more abundantly and more communally.” Messages from the Archangel Gabriel Greetings dear ones. Children all of the… Read More