'Consultation' Articles

Seth offers some advice to his online friends in Second Life.

Cranky Elemental

I have a big problem in my sleeping room. It’s “water” coming from above. Fungus around walls, and it’s a new house. We moved from an old house, and this new one is built on good ground. Inspections told us it’s all okay, but I was only in my room a few months before this started. Builders, etc. don’t know where the problem is. So it’s a strange phenomenon. Nature spirit,… Read More

Dream Invite

You had a dream invite? Yes, I have a good memory for dreams, so I can even describe some deep dreams after many years. This was a strange one, not average. Some old lady like Hag came to me, and she was in front of my nose, standing, and she smiled, no talking. Behind her the sun was shining, beautiful silver curly hair, long, and I calm down and asked, “What do… Read More

Psychic Energy Surge

How can I interpret headaches, shivers, strange pulsing in my head, like the sun is in my brain when I meet some people? Usually it happens with persons who have a lot of spiritual knowledge like in bio-energy, healing, etc. Would you say these feelings are good or bad? I am not sure if this is good for my body or my mind. I perceive a headache or other symptoms… Read More