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I have a big problem in my sleeping room. It’s “water” coming from above. Fungus around walls, and it’s a new house. We moved from an old house, and this new one is built on good ground. Inspections told us it’s all okay, but I was only in my room a few months before this started. Builders, etc. don’t know where the problem is. So it’s a strange phenomenon.

Nature spirit, my guess is a cranky earth elemental. Its aura is causing the problem. You don’t sense a person there because elementals don’t feel like human minds.

I can feel it, but I can’t see it and I don’t even try. I close my eyes and try to focus on vibrations around me. When it’s like 25 degrees in my room, I can feel air, flowing etc. It’s always very much colder in my room.

Earth elementals get unhappy when stability is weakened. Is there some sort of conflict or indecision in your home?

Always conflict between my parents, yes. My parents are crazy, so I need to meditate more, calm down?

Meditation can make it more comfortable with you, but earth elementals are pretty insistent on peace. It might decide it likes you but not stop what it’s doing.

I only know that in the new house the old problems have come back. It’s even worse for me in the new house then in the old one. I can’t explain. I don’t feel comfortable.

Do you know feng shui?

Also my mum was clumsy and she likes my grandma’s stuff in the house when it was built, like cross, etc, and I think my grandma is here with us now like the entity, and she doesn’t want to leave us.

It’s possible. They can coexist. They likely don’t even notice each other, the elemental and your grandma.

And also electricity. We have huge problems with it in both houses. New things broken, so it’s very frustrating. It’s like I already know something will happen with the fridge, etc.

If you use feng shui to put just your room in order, it can create a bubble of stability there which would calm the earth elemental or at least make it go elsewhere. As your skills develop you might even be able to mediate all this mess, help your grandma pass on if that seems like the right thing to do.

I hope so, because it’s really strange. I will do that and have positive energy with my parents. I think I am always blocking them, being the peacemaker. To be honest, I am exhausted. I hope it will all pass.

Yes, that can’t be kept up, but it can perhaps be transmuted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Seth Haalan
Dragon Intuitive


Posted:March 26th, 2015

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