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12 Comments to “Guestbook”

  1. Lissa Iceghost

    I just moved in..and I am honored to be a part of the family…am truly,so amazed—–would love making friends here,as well….:))

  2. sunwolf

    very nice site found you via sl, will be wandering back from time to time as theres to much to take in in one visit
    happy travellings and bright blessings

  3. Amelia Underwood

    I’m happy to have found you.

  4. walks with starnation

    one world many path video….I wanted to jump in!!!!!!!!!
    co-create is all I can do I suppose.
    If we can dream it, know it, sense it, then it is possible, or it already exsists, and we just have to jump!

  5. DaughteroftheMoon

    This is the first of many visits to this incredible site. There is much here to read, see and learn. Thank you so much for a place where people of all paths can come together and share!! I can’t begin to express how blessed I feel. In love and light.


  6. Tom

    More thoughtful than your typical quick thrill seeking SL experience.

  7. Sundance

    🙂 I have been exploring your website.. I really like all of the information.. One could be one here for hours trying to take it all in .. Thanks for all the info wrapped up in one package.. I marked it in my favorites… I shall return.. Light & love to all ❗

  8. Cheryl

    I was directed to your website via Second Life and I think this is a wonderful place. SO much to read and explore. i look forward to more classes, there is a strong group of followers at One World, I am glad to be part of it all. :mrgreen:

  9. Mara

    i’ve been visiting your blog almost everyday. nice site! 🙂


  10. michelle waterfall

    How are you?
    We have just become friends on myspace and i came here to check it out…Brilliant website and am going to really enjoy exploring your many dicussions and insights..
    warm love Michelle xoxox 😉

  11. Lisa

    Thanks for the invite.. 🙂 I am looking forward to your discussions.

  12. Debo Hobo

    Hi I just found your site and it is really motivational, Thanks 😀

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