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Metaphysics Class

What do you feel from this group? From this immediate group? Or the group in general? No, these four souls. I sense doors, apertures that are just a bit ajar, and those are moving. This is not at all common. I sense a harmony between the doors, like looking at doors in the same city block, somehow they just seem to fit even though they have noticeable differences. It also looks like there is a bit of a yard, a small patch of common ground, sort of like those community gardens you might have heard about in New York.

Saying we are closed off, or opening up to each other? Open some. If I were to venture as to what this all means to us individually, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong, well… Just like those community programs that all run a farm in the same neighbourhood, or a neighbourhood watch, there is a growing amount of shared information. It may seem like your state or concerns are being anticipated in some strange way, even future changes might show up a little early, and you might be experiencing some contagion of mood, like a neighbourhood seeming to have a mood or personality of its own. Is this so?

Group consciousness. Yes, it’s a good thing, I think.

Are you seeing the shift in consciousness Seth? Shift in consciousness?

Humanity shift. Ah, yes. Things are becoming a bit more fitful, nightmarish, but it’s always in the nightmares that we really figure out what matters most, and really begin to solve problems even if many choose to act out more instead. I think those who are acting out are just showing a form of psychic juvenile behaviour, and once the shift really gets it’s legs, if it gets it’s legs, then they will indeed hop on board also, like a little kid saying, “Me too! I did it too!”

I am seeing a huge shift toward environmental responsibility, even in communication. The hold outs are viscous, more along the lines of a older teenager’s tantrum than a child’s, but even they seem shaky. Like maybe they are realizing they need to get with the program or they will miss out on something very important. The car companies seem to be making the first move.

2025. What do you see? Twelve years from now I see a world wide shift in politics. The tensions we see now are coming to an obvious head. Everyone is seeing more and more clearly the insanity of the old ways, and there will be changes made in how we see the economy as well as international communication and cooperation. A big part of that will be spurred by the raw force of nature that is the human collective present on the internet. Arab spring isn’t the last of that issue, nor is the tension in China over government control there. I also see a confrontation between secular and spiritual society which will not be resolved at that time, but this won’t be violent despite being very angry.

Higher level of thinking does not support religions. Awareness leaves that stuff behind. Perhaps not as they were previously modelled. Have you heard of cyber-tribalism?

Neuroscientific research seems to support the notion that our psychological and social phone book is not infinite. Organizing in the way that primitive man did seems natural to us, but it doesn’t really have to be a step backward. Our organizations can be based on a psychological and spiritual basis. The core element would be the clan, which constitutes a handful of hundreds I think. I don’t remember the exact figure, but it’s the size of a human “troupe”, like gorillas.

It is written in our DNA. Yes, but that doesn’t confine us to our clan. Common ground can be recognized between clans, which is what would give rise to a tribe.

In an organization, I believe it’s 150 people when cohesion breaks down. Ah, your figures are correct. You won’t really track any more than that, but those in your group will be in contact with others outside of your group so the connection will still be there.

It feels like circles upon circles. Indeed, like a mandala. It may even be able to track a psychological lineage. Just as members of a family also tend to be in the same clan, you can trace new children born in a clan who feel called to migrate to a different clan.

Yes, because soul cadre succeeds earth clan, so we interconnect. Indeed. Psychological and spiritual cross pollination. Raised by one guild like the musicians, but joined with another like the chemists.

Like each clan has a function and then interrelates to the other clans with other functions? Yes.

Sounds very organic to me. All sharing one big intellectual world. Could even engage in ritual competition, debates and comparisons of point of view, perhaps resulting in the “failed” challenger doing a stint living with the other guild.

Sounds like the way we are meant to work, interdependence and mutual respect. Yes, nothing teaches and broadens the mind more than experience.

That is very tribal. The Native Americans are waiting for this. This is what I told the chiefs years ago… that this would happen. I think their examples will have to be kept and built upon, not necessarily kept in an unmodified form, but the spirit certainly kept.

This is the new way. You realize this right? I intuit this, but my confidence in humanities capacity to sympathize and connect with each other isn’t the best. I always act as if it’s possible though. It’s the only thing of any meaning to do. Have to stick with the spirit until the weaknesses of the flesh catch up.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Seth Haalan
Dragon Intuitive

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Posted:November 22nd, 2014

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