New Seed Growing from Decay in Event Discussion

Volcanic Overload

Do you know what fringe people are? Not sure I do.

It was a term coined in the early 90’s, I believe. Described as the outer layer of people. Like on an orange, it would be the skin. That which takes the light in and then transforms and sends inside. Witches, those cast out?

No, the psychic that takes in the light. The shamans. Those never really in.

Yes. I am fringe. You are fringe. It is what we do for the orange. Do the touching? eek! No touching!

No touching, unless the orange gets peeled. I know I function differently than most.

I say screw the pit people, let’s make our own fruit. Actually, there is the potential to make a new fruit from the skin, just takes identifying and using the elements that make up the skin. In the case of literal fruit that would be genetic engineering, but there are elements of the skin even in this excellent metaphor. For myself, I am concerned with the rot.

And the fruit is always affected by the amount of light taken in, and the kind of light. Rot is when the seed begins to grow and a new plant is formed. The decay of the skin creates opportunities. If the rot goes well, only adaption takes place.

Which is what we are seeing now. The new seed growing from the decay.

Do you see anything as far as weather changes? I see the budding need for geo-engineering. If done properly, it will be feng shui on a world wide scale. If done in the same short sighted and selfish way humanity has handled it’s technology so far, it will be devastating. But in this case, I think self preservation will enhance human sensitivity to natural intelligence even if they refuse to call it that.

I see warmer and dryer all over. We are more resourceful with water though. Colder and wetter in some places is what science says, as well as warmer and dryer where it previously wasn’t.

There could be major shifts in macro climates like deserts turning to jungles and vice versa. Will likely wind up running farms in cities and near the poles. They have already built a few.

When I “see”, I actually see a place. Yes? Farmlands. Sun is more yellow, dry, but a lot of irrigation, rain water used a lot. Can you sense where?

On coasts, desalination for water. Yes, the only thing that has stymied that is greed, so far.

Well, we will be greatly curbing oil use, but the earth feels warmer. Actually, will be able to use a modified oil. It’s just now taking off.

Oh? Yes, vats of bacteria that produce biofuel from their feed, much cleaner and more efficient, and well, they are also working on mechanical photosynthesis to produce hydrogen fuel.

We have to stop the fracking. Yes, the fracking must stop.

That is great danger. It will cause major earthquakes and plate shift if we don’t. It is already contributing to quakes. I think industrialists have capitalized on the ambiguity of scientific method, as it stands, for too long.

Well, that is the patriarchy. It is dying as we speak. Science should own the role it had in philosophy originally, and stop trying to deny meaning to things.

If we think organically, science will have to take it’s place. Intuition will find the place for science. Is perhaps, and thus the scandal in their community. They are even describing one of the schools of quantum mechanics as the Buddhist interpretation. I think many belief systems will survive, ancient belief systems, but they will change, evolve. The techno-shaman will still be a shaman.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Seth Haalan
Dragon Intuitive

Posted:November 23rd, 2014

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