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Reflection Island may have no physical existence, but it is a very real place spiritually, and we do hope that some people see it as a home. The true of heart will remain welcome here. True of heart leaves state of mind open of course, but I don’t believe someone can be judged on state of mind, so it won’t happen here. People are drawn to places that resonate with them and people make places. A type of people made and continues to give life to this place.

Click on the links below to get the teleport coordinates.

Elemental Towers: Entities or ‘nature spirits’ dwell in the spirit realm of the elements.  These towers, arrayed around the island, provide interfaces to these spirits.  Sounds orbs are located at each tower for you to meditate and balance your chakras.

Water Tower       Air Tower
Earth Tower       Fire Tower

Using the natural elements of the island, stellar platforms provide shelter for human life forms.

Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond: The main landing point on the island with a full library on the second floor.


Stellar Platform Lounge: Transport to the sky and relax in a mini universe.

The Oracle Gate: A surreal environment where you will transcend the limits of your mind. Relax and meditate in this space high above the island. Sound orbs of Gregorian Chant + Tibetan Throat Singer are available.

Hall of Creativity

The Hall of Creativity is a symbolic model of the human urge to create…to express themselves. A forum for discussion and learning. The process of creativity in consciousness transcends “individual consciousness”. We do not create in a void, but in a medium of exchange.

The Nexus

The Nexus is a crossroads of the mind. A place to meet, discuss and reflex to explore new ideas and expand the mind. Maybe you are already there. Maybe your dreams, your thoughts, your very incarnation are a nexus that is aligned and can realign as is its nature.

The Asylum is a sanctuary offering protection and safety for all One World Heretics. House rentals are available. Enjoy the common areas to relax and socialize with friends. Relax by the fire, meditate by the pond, watch YouTube, or just let it all out on our soapbox. A great place to get away from it all.

The Chanting Circle provides a space to meditate with a cool ocean breeze. Enjoy the beautiful meadow with a view of the Water and Air Towers and an entry to the Undersea Gardens.

Aetherium tropical paradise with tibetan prayer flags, singing bowls and a Japanese Shinto shrine.

Tree Hangout
For those who would like to play games, dance and just hangout on Reflection Island, visit the Tree!

Hope to see you there!
Dragon Intuitive

Reflection Island

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