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It has already been said, the core will come to the front. Get down to the core truths. We see it. It is happening, for we cannot see what is not happening. We can see what has a ghost of potential. For myself, I see shades of events, and they all sort of shift around each other, like somebody monkeying with transparencies on a projector, but even that still has a collective pattern. You begin to notice that all the transparencies are math, or text or even pictures, or some other pattern.

I see places in the future just like I see here and now. Snapshots, but can almost touch them, can smell them, feel them. Yes, the brain does indeed model events that come to pass. Even science is beginning to recognize this. It even seems to be a core process. They just don’t want to give it any substance beyond computation.

I know we can tweak the future. Yes, take action to selectively eliminate some of the overlays, or redraw as much as you can, but in my experience the redraw seems like a lot of work.

There are experiments that show that particles are changed not only by what was done to them in the past, but also what will be done to them in the future.

We are meant to work in our cadres, not alone. We work on a subliminal level. My autism complicates that, but perhaps doesn’t block it.

No. Your autism augments it. Yes? You don’t think like a human. You are beyond most humans. You are doing a lot of work here not with people as much as with the entire planet. Yes, just sharing the things I process. For some strange reason I was asked to once, and just haven’t stopped.

You must get something out of it. Well, I do feel a sense of connection as complicated as that tends to be. Some measure of engagement.

Do you feel engaged with the planet? The planet or its people? The planet, yes, the people, no. There is a disconnect. I want to help repair that if I can.

Our thoughts are the planet dreaming. People are just part of the planet. The bodies are. Souls are souls. Yes, the people collective still isn’t functioning correctly. The human organ of Gaia still immature.

My saying I don’t feel engaged with the people is a technical assessment, as most of my statements tend to be. Like saying I don’t hear a signal on the phone line, or hear too much noise.

Maybe you are doing what the rest will eventually do when they mature. Ever think of that? I’m not sure who is mature. I am just trying to adapt, function.

It is a higher function. Most don’t function. They “aren’t awake” at that level yet. We are supposed to reach planetary consciousness. Well, this will inevitably happen the easy way or the hard way, it will happen. I prefer easy. I like a lot of people, even love some.

I love the planet and even the messed up parts of her, but want to see her heal and evolve. Do you believe in the concept of soul experience?

I am not sure what you mean, but I do believe in souls experiencing. What happens when a certain amount of life experience is gathered and hybridized, refined to an algorithm of sorts. It’s why the memories of the soul never make much sense to a new life. They are an abstract of many lives, not singular identification with any single one. For myself, I draw on what just feels like memory to me, and metaphorically speaking I was a sanitation worker. I have seen whole worlds degenerate into scrapyards. Mass with nothing left for it but to be recycled. This is a worst case scenario. The last thing to be desired, but it is all too possible. I have a sense for how it sets up and grows, this process of decay. It’s almost like a spiritual mold. It’s awfully moldy here.

Do you see all levels of the planet destroyed. Or just this physical level? Only the physical is ever destroyed, but this puts a burden on the psychic and spiritual. It creates fragmentation that takes a very long time to clean up. There are far too many pits for earth to become another one. Black hole suspension sucks.

Black hole suspension? Well, it’s a euphemism. A singularity is induced. It just looks like black space. It is partitioned off while things are processed. Dark space looks the same in any plane, and the sewers have gotten too big. Resources aren’t meant to be used that way.

That is why the human collective of Gaia has to evolve. I feel like that when I space out. My brain gets partitioned off. I stare out the window. We have to think organically, at one with the earth to survive. Yes.

Every action we make has to work at one with the earth. We have to become part of the earth. Anything of any real scope certainly, and well, realize clearly that not only does life feed on life, but you are feeding on yourself.

Yummy. Indeed, it’s the natural way of things. We just tend to pollute that.

It’s going to be alright. Yes, busy, busy, busy. Just have to not go crazy, pervert the pattern, divert resources that aren’t supposed to.

You do a great job, more patience than I have. I have learned that I see patience differently. There are things that try my patience quickly, but people usually don’t do them.

Like what? Ah, circular thought, projected narcissism, things like that. Most people tend to keep things simpler than that, if not deeper. One man I know just cannot conceive of how his actions can be wrong, or how he wrongs people. I would rather him do it knowingly than engage in the strategies he does to blind himself. He even reverts to empathy ploys, and he’s 37.

I’ve dealt with that recently as well, always excuses. I feel like saying, “Yes, I remember the innocent you were, but you destroyed that.”

40’s is a great time of growth It is a new arena. I’m about on that threshold.

You begin to realize life doesn’t last forever. You go into a new phase of thinking.

20’s you have fun, 30’s you coast, and 40’s you freak out. 20s I suffered, 30s I grew numb then recovered.

What are the 50’s? For women hard, menopause kicks butt, but you go into your crone years. You become one with the planet, biologically. I do find that people do make a great deal more sense to me when they are tired.

Well, what I mean is our biorhythms begin to match earth. Crone wise, earth wise, if you open to it. I am now in my second childhood. That’s the reason people make sense to me when they are tired. I think they fall back to their instincts more.

Yes, exactly. I read people not by what they say but by how they feel to me. I read people by how they affect the web. How they establish superposition with others around them. They either resonate or minimize interference, or they interfere which does sometimes establish a scrubbed signal, but usually not.

They are not vibrating at the right rate. You bring peace, just an observation, but yes, I also respect it. My wife also brings peace, but to situations instead of hearts. Though because of that, she brings peace to my heart.

Well, we are all at one in our desire to see evolution of our planet. You work on such a large scope with the planet. I hope you see what you are doing. You are like a planet mechanic. It is very important. I have to admit I like systems, though not so much with computers. I do like them but find them frustrating, heavy with human thought and intention.

Namaste and I mean it consciously in full knowing, even at my core.

Seth Haalan
Dragon Intuitive


Posted:November 24th, 2014

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