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Would you like to write a blog post about your Second Life experience? What it has taught you and how it’s impacted your life?

Share your own personal experiences from Second Life. Submit the article with a minimum of 300 words to, subject “Guest Blog” with a byline about you including a link to your website, or drop it in a notecard to Ka Brevity inworld. A picture of your Second Life to accompany the post is also welcome. It will be posted with our Blog articles.

Share with others the power of technology in your life.

  • Why it is necessary to use something like Second Life to seek spirituality? Surely Second Life is an excuse to escape reality, not face it and find solutions or inner peace?
  • Is virtual reality a way to escape the real world or a means to delve deeper?
  • Can you behave one way in Second Life and not that way in real life?
  • Are you worried that we replace Second Life with real life and teach this to our children?
  • Are we more free in the virtual world of Second Life?
  • What do people want in Second Life?

What would you like to share?

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Posted:March 5th, 2012

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