Spirit of One World

There is spirit everywhere. Spirit is being. If it exists there is spirit behind it. The Heretics of ‘One World, Many Paths’ are its soul. The Advocate gives it place. The Iconoclast gives it vision. The Shaper gives it form. The Traveler gives it essence. Namaste to our past, present and future spirit.

Dragon Intuitive was started to provide insights into spirituality, metaphysics and world belief. It has grown from two people to an online community known as ‘One World, Many Paths’ which has its base on Reflection Island in the virtual world of Second Life. Classes are held on the island in text chat and voice format, and we continue to welcome new teachers and community members. Material communicated in real time classes is shared online to bring these insights to a larger audience.

KaKa Brevity, Advocate

Giving place for the spirit. I like to keep it simple, yet professional. Enjoy spirituality, tech, and open minds.



KorinKorin Zuhal, Shaper

I can be very shy at times and not talk a lot, Enjoys a good cuddle with a Friend, won’t with complete stranger, unless I like em a lot…




FritzFritz Rote, Shaper

Likes cuddly things, talking, playing fun vid games, watching cartoons, and listening to classic rock. Dislikes mean people in general, things that fall on his toes, and most vegetables. I generally keep a good mood a lot of the time when I’m up and around. Although to be honest I can get a bit cranky if I end up having a long and boring day. But over all I do keep a easy going attitude towards about anything really. I also try to help out anyone I meet as much as I can when ever the chance should come up. You’ll usually find me either spending time with some one or plainly standing around somewhere thinking of whatever to do.

Shadaeblueangelll, Traveler: Ray Consciousness

An intuitive. She has used her ability to heal for over thirty years. Read her channeled messages from the Archangel Gabriel. Given to blueangelll aka Gale over the past seven years reveals the first steps into the new consciousness humanity is walking into.


MaiLeMaiLe Firehawk, Traveler: Hawaiian Storytelling

Intelligence, clever wit, self assuredness, kindness and compassion .. look forward to finding them in you. Writer, storyteller, poet. Ke Ka`ao .. a story handed down orally from ancient times in the form of a ka`ao a narrative rehearsed in prose, interspersed with song/chant. Ke ka`ao. Legend, tale, usually fanciful; fiction. I bring the spirit of this to my story telling today.

NariniaNarinia Silverweb, Traveler: Ask a Witch, ET101 Book Discussion

Born on Caladon sim. Attended SL’s Star Trek Academy. I find myself to be a deeply spiritual person in ways that are unconventional. I am fascinated by the fantastical until the whirling swirling colors and sounds become too much.  Vulcan/Elf/Dragon. 


SethSeth Haalan, Iconoclast and Traveler: Spirituality for Living, Metaphysics, World Beliefs, Spiritual Darkness

I am Dragon Intuitive’s natural intuitive/psychic and am able to experience and interact with alternate planes of energy and consciousness to gain deeper understanding. 

ShadaeShadae Starbrook, Traveler: Ask a Witch

Witch, born or made, my choice was made long ago. Now my goal is to help dispell the myths and misconceptions about Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca by sharing what I have learned over the course of more than a decade of practice and study. Interests include: Community, Nature, and Learning.


VampyVampirekiss Fairey, Traveler: Animal Messages, 2012 Prep

VXV = Vampirekiss: Shamanic, Clairvoyant, spiritual advisor. My motto: “More ease, less dis!” Artist, musician, writer. Likes: sci-fi, fantasy, horror (vampire mostly),erotica, men, fun, play, humor, creating. Been kicking around 3d chats since their infancy. HATES: bullies, cruelty, idiots, mundane, “flat chat”.


Join us on the island. Be well friends,

Dragon Intuitive
~science, mysticism, spirituality~

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