You can revere the heros of our history who otherwise often lead sordid lives and will avoid any loss of faith because you are seeing the truth. The sacred is here in this life that you may have judged profane.

Our Inner Demons in Inner Demons

Inner Demons

Inner demons. I’m not actually going to talk about what might seem to be implied by the topic, but I will be talking about inner demons.

People say demons, and ghosts, and things, are just fantasies. Just in your head. Well, this is the dirty little secret that even your pasts don’t really tell you clearly. Literally anything you think you see, hear, feel, smell, is literally all in your head. There is a process, and it’s more powerful and pervasive than people generally know or admit. We get very busy projecting, and projecting isn’t just being opinionated, nor is it totally voluntary.

So, is anything in our perception exactly as we think it is? Well, yes and no. In this process of projection, things take on a lot of our energy. So much so that we forgot that we were involved with that in the first place, and this projection takes on a life of its own. It can seem down right autonomous to the point that you can’t tell the difference between your inner life and your process of perception.

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You can’t tell fact from fiction? Yes and no. It’s like a neurotic degree of schizophrenia. You can tell the difference between fact and fiction, but it’s fuzzy.  This is also why it’s so pervasive, because it’s mild.

Are other people actually taking some of it on, or is it only in our view they are? Familiar with subliminal messages? You don’t have to think a subliminal message out.  You don’t have to learn it.

Advertising uses them all the time do they not? Product placement in movies etc.? Not officially, but they did discover they didn’t really have to. Officially, they’re illegal. They did once and stopped.

The person, or persons, who are the object of your projection, are noticing subtle impulses from you on a subconscious level even if they are not paying attention to them, and short of life threatening messages the mind is very easy to persuade without the conscious mind standing guard. In human history, it’s never done really well at that. So yes, the person does take on at least some of the projection.

True, there is a lot of abuse of that fact. Oh yes, it’s the secret to temporal power in this world.

So what makes an inner demon? The real inner demons, those parts of our consciousness that seem hostile and to be impossible to really expunge? Whenever you become invested in a view, a perception, or a belief (they are all the same things really), you see what you believe you see. Your organic brain doesn’t really care what parts do what. You decided the hateful presence was there, and the brain being the ever obedient servant said, “Ok, here’s your demon.”

So the Christians see the barbarians? Yes, and they saw any faith not their own as demonic, because these other faiths had a power over the “pagans” reason.

There must be some evil supernatural influence, shouldn’t there? For these people to revel in sex and to be unafraid to fight? Yes. If not it invalidates their belief.

So the inner demon is us. It isn’t an outside force coming in? Yes, and we protect our demons. We protect them better than our own children, even seeding them into our children’s minds. We avoid other people who don’t share our view, and get into groups where they do to protect them further. Want to see demons fighting? Get two zealots of opposing idealisms together.

Do these inner demons we project from our belief systems manifest in some way? Oh, they manifest. They can even gain some psychic independence.

Even leave imprints once we’re gone? Yes, they can linger after death. Residual haunts often appear or behave as demons, and are easily perceived by the children of their creators.

Our power of creation at work. Yes, it is. :twisted:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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