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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Owning ‘The Doer’ in Fatalism


I see the need to get rich, but not the motivation. Be fruitful.

Are other people trying to tell him how to get rich? No, but they are telling him how to be productive. He sees getting rich as the way to be free of the productivity shackle. Is this correct?

Well, all the problems I have right now could be solved by money. None of them can, because they arise from having insufficient money.

Now onto productivity. The epic tale of the doer. You constantly feel called on to do things, yes? But it feels like it has nothing to do with you, all this doing, no? What would happen if you owned the doing? If every time you were called on to do things, you did them specifically in your way?

I would be very productive and have a huge portfolio. Because you are in a sense fated to be yourself anyway. Otherwise, the pressure of resisting it will crush you repeatedly.

You have to own it, and when you own it, you can understand it, judge it, change how it behaves. When you disown it, it owns you and creates the vortex that seems to be crushing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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