We have survived as long as we have not for our normal humans. They tend to function sort of like deer caught in headlights. They just stand confused or just keep doing what they are doing. We have survived because some of our kind had natural traits so strong they couldn’t conform to our unnatural ideas and prejudices.

Paths in Axis Mundi

World Tree

The world tree is today’s topic. It’s one of those more or less universal presences. No single country or culture originated the concept of the world tree, and what it represents ultimately is the axis mundi.

We can’t really as a species conceive of an infinite world. The closest we can come is to identify a centre and then we feel free to envision the world expanding infinitely beyond that point. We can’t even do the math on infinity without defining a starting point. We can’t express it in even in the most obtuse way. There are many identified physical world trees around the world, and if the culture had no world tree it had a world pillar, more or less, a sacred mountain.

It does seem paradoxical that infinity needs a starting point. So the world tree is the starting point? It is indeed the starting point, and the recursive point. No single trunk. but many. How do you describe a system of paths?

Paths have a beginning, end, and direction, and relationship to each other? Would the concept of a path have a meaning if there were only one?

Possibly, but it would be more central? By definition, no. The path would be the world. No destination would be beyond it. We would just speak of our linear world. Paths of their nature branch, do they not?

Yes, intersect. Even paths that appear to exist only between two points, two buildings, still ultimately branch, because the halls of those two buildings… Are they really separate from the path that connects them?

True, the path leads into the hallways.

Paths can be defined countless ways.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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