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Three Personality Types in Personality


There are three personality types over the two genders:

  • phalic
  • hysteric
  • schizoid

None are mental health issues and it could be said that:

  • phalic = rage
  • hysteric = feeling
  • schizoid = cerebral

Do you feel non identification with gender impulses? You may be genuinely and naturally schizoid. It doesn’t mean the other factors don’t matter. They do, and it is more like handedness.

But don’t these things usually come in fours? Yes. The unio mentalis, inner marriage, can be two way which would be the fourth. Or complete, which would be a fifth. Complete is all of them. Two way is schizoid and either phalic or hysteric. Cerebral and rage, or cerebral and feeling

And rational isn’t cerebral. Rational behaviour is rage driven. A schizoid is more mind than body.

The feeling aspect actually goes two ways. Either a rampant hedonist, or an ardent abstainer.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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