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To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

Phagocyte Earth in Dark Relics

Dark Relics

Now for thin spots and inhuman dark artifacts, unnatural dark artifacts, at least from a particular point of view…

There is not one earth present in this time space. There are many, and they don’t line up in a neat chain. They cluster like living cells. There is one such earth that is to our earth what a phagocyte is to a red blood cell. Cell eating cells.

You mean echo earths? I guess it could be called an echo.

This phagocyte earth had many names. The Jews called it Gahanna, the Greeks called it Tarterous, the Mayans Xibalba, the place of all fear. People have had visions of it for a long time, and the native beings of this earth pretty much all have that phagocyte like spirit to them, predators, parasites, carrion eaters, but no real symbionts or anything like that.

Well, I won’t get too graphic, but their world does influence ours, and they do cross over from time to time for the same reason white blood cells will cross through healthy living tissue. They sense distress and are responding according to their nature.

Distress from the planet? The planet, things in it, yes, and they serve the same purpose as a white blood cell. They recycle energy, but dark artifacts related to them, they aren’t as rare as they might seem.

They eat dark energy? Yes, they do. Ever notice some objects seem to take on an aura of the absurd about them, feel almost like they mock reality? Like an old photo with the persons face strangely leering at you, or an old knife that no matter what just seems to give the impression of a tooth? This is how they see the humans they deal with. They only manifest in places of strong turmoil, so they impress their perceptions on the objects in that place. If the place is a rich feeding ground, these relics can become very strong, even preserving the nature of the outside when the outside itself has left, and potentially recreating the conditions that called its creator in the first place.

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So an old bed that just seems to inspire really grotesque sexual imagery, or an old vanity that you just can’t stand to look in the mirror of it, because every time you do it feels like you are looking at a false face, or a dead face. Ever experience any of this, or anything like it?

There was a large photo of my grandmother in a picture frame. My grandmother was still alive and lived with us, but the photo had a life of its own. It would scare me and others. It appeared to follow us with its’ eyes and would grin evilly for a moment. I was glad to rip it up. Sometimes the dark relic is even incidental. A picture taken of a very warm and loving person that just for no clear reason seems really predatory and scary, even what humans would call evil. A photo taken at the right time in a public place can capture the charge of one of these beings. Though it won’t show the being itself, everything in the picture will just look wrong somehow, often sort of grayed out and grainy. Ever see this? The grainy quality is the dimensional rift. It’s what it looks like when space is stressed by a crossing.

I think I get that feeling from dolls. The kind you see in an antique shop where the eyes don’t close completely. Many beings are fond of human toys, specifically dolls. Some think they accurately depict what the human creature looks like.

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Some of those dolls don’t look cuddly at all, like they’d bite if you tried. They will bite you. You have likely felt the bite. An almost electrical feeling often in the limbs but it’s going for the heart.

The bad dolls feel very cold when you touch them. Yes, and a searing sensation to the touch, though subtle.

They probably didn’t like being naked and stuffed in a toy box? Ah, they don’t care about that. The stuffed in a box thing was a problem, but they aren’t much aware of their physical state. They don’t like being denied contact.

I used to stuff them in there in odd ways with their legs and arms bent on purpose. Ah, they also didn’t like your hostility.

I even tore one dolls head off a lot. She deserved it. Is it cruelty when it’s reciprocal? And I got really scared of dolls.

I always felt protected by my dolls and stuffed animals. Ah indeed, dolls go both ways. I had an old hand crafted teddy bear. It had an old music box in it, played a sad sounding song, but I was comforted by it.

My favourite dolly had her arm ripped off by two of my cousins who were fighting over her. That is actually how many relics meet their ruin. People fight over them.

I stopped seeing her as a companion then. She was broken and didn’t feel like the same doll. The energy either spread out or infused something else. Children have excellent instincts, and the loss of energy in the doll proper just couldn’t be helped. The stress generated by the covetous children did it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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