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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Place of Humanity in Observation


The topic is an issue that comes up a lot, but is rarely given any formal answer for. Roughly, I will address the place of humanity in the universe.

It can be argued that in order for man to arise (male and female), the universe itself had to satisfy rather unusual parameters. With all the factors that play into the presence of life or its absence, for some the idea that sentient life arose at all by whatever means is an outrageous freak occurrence. I would argue that there is no logical reason to believe this. It could be said that the same forces play into there being any solid matter, play into there being living matter, and play into there being sentient life. Even guiding how that sentient life expresses itself.

There has been a lot of debate over the validity of human experience. Whether it is testable, or even if it can be. Is not our own existence evidence of something weighted in favour of minds and existence like ours? Especially considering that there are so many things that could, and perhaps from a mechanistic sense should have negated that?

Perhaps those forces thought only to dwell in the collective unconscious have much more substance than they would seem. The religious imagery of all kinds. Maybe the mystery is that there is no mystery, and though we don’t see the mechanics as we define them, it’s because they are right under our very noses.  In the whole progress of energy and matter and the superposition of all this possibility, is not sentience inevitable? So rather than just dismiss sentience as subjective experience maybe our ancestors knew more than we gave them credit for. Maybe they didn’t know ‘why’, but they did very clearly know ‘what’. When they saw a change in that ‘whatever you would call it’, they knew something would happen. Thus the incidents of prophecy all over the world.

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I’m not defending anything, these are postulates to consider and they lead up to the concept that mind has substance and force.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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