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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Plague And Blood in Blood Magic

Blood Magick

What is plague magick? Plague magick and blood magick are mirror opposites. Where blood magick gives life, plague magick blights or dwarfs it. Plague is its own force and is as omnipresent as blood. Hell, even in science we don’t need even the obvious blood plagues, the bacterial and viral. There are even things called prions which are just carbon molecules, proteins, nothing more. Blood magick has been used as a counter or antidote to plague magick throughout history. This is backed up by current science as well. Sex is better for you than vaccination.

Maybe why the plagues were rampant in the Christian dark ages. So much sexual repression. Actually, the plagues were rampant because of “advances” in agricultural practice which involved disrespect for the earth. But yes, they lacked much resistance due to the sexual repression.

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Then what about sexually transmitted diseases? Venereal diseases could be seen as the children of Ashera, the earth mother, or of Lilith, the first woman and Adams superior as she was directly favoured by the Gods. But this goes into theurgy. Mans animosity toward man has given rise to much bad blood which continues to run in our veins.

On spirits… Spirits were considered the active agents behind any process in the world. Everything that had any power, even just the power to exist, had a spirit. It has, for the sake of this discussion. Your own spirit is in your blood, and they observed that those who sneeze and cough eventually get fevers and then very often die. Pretty simple there. The powers of the air, which often are considered synonymous with demons, were considered to possess you and thus kill you.

Is this why they say bless you when you sneeze? This is indeed why. The blessing drives off the demons. That is the model. The same awareness inspired tampination which had an 80% survival rate. Tampination is drilling a small hole in the skull to let out evil spirits or toxic humors, basically the same thing. Blood magick has a long history.

They also would just drain some blood off you. Blood letting? Yes, and is why leeches are linked to necromancy. That and the symbolism of worms spontaneously arising in the remains of the dead. Leeches are linked to vampires as are fleas and thus rats, and bats, again the fleas.

Scared the heck out of me when I found out leeches can crawl. They crawl, they swim, they are pretty well evolved, and they are not the only blood sucking worms.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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